If you missed Sugar Ray on Mattrock on Saturday Night, MTV will be replaying the episode which also features the deftones, Tool, Megadeth and 311 in the near future..Make sure you also get the "Scream 2" soundtrack which features the song "Rivers"...And, If you missed the Billboard music awards, good because Sugar Ray got robbed!

Sugar Ray will have a song on the soundtrack for the upcoming sequal to Wes Craven's "Scream", appropriately titled, "Scream 2". What would be better than spending New Years Eve with Sugar Ray? Watch Fox's New Years Eve bash and see Sugar Ray play "Fly" and "RPM".

Sugar Ray's "Floored" is now #31 on the Billboard top 200, and #5 on the Ultimate Band List's most requested sites!....Today is the live concert held by so check that out. If you have'nt checked out Mediadome's Sugar Ray online extravaganza, do so now!!

Sugar Ray will not be playing the Mtv Gig this weekend. On Thursday (10.16) Mark will have surgery on his knee. If this has any effect on the upcoming tour with 311 and Incubus, we will have to see. Also, Sugar Ray is covered by a group of studio musicians who call themselves Sweet Rain The single of "Fly" which they cover will be out on Under The Cover records. Check out live pics of the band at KOME (bay area radio station).

Watch out Backstreet Boys! Sugar Ray is now #1 on the Ultimate Band List top 100 requested cards . In Mark news, after injuring his knee when a fan in Italy jumped onstage, blindsiding him, Sugar Ray is back at home and plans for the U.S. tour is still underway. If Mark has to have surgery, it will be postponed until the 5 week tour with 311 is over.

Murphy has posted some more "candid" pictures of the band at the Atlantic Records site.News from the 311 camp.. Sugar Ray will not play the Houston show on the 6th of December. Sugar Ray did cancel the rest of the European tour so Mark can recoup. Coming soon will be a Sugar Ray "Equipment" page dedicated to the equipment they play. Also, Incubus is scheduled to open up certain dates on the 311 tour. Check your local venue for details.

Sugar Ray may have to cancel the rest of their European tour due to an injury to Mark while in Italy. Whether or not the U.S. tour with 311 will be effected, we all hope that Mark will recover fast. In lighter news, Atlantic Records launched a Sugar Ray Pinball Game. You can check it out by clicking here!

The new issue of Guitar World features interviews with D.J. Homicide, Rodney, Tom from Rage Against the Machine, The Wu Tang Clan, Fred and Wes from Limp Bizkit and DJ Q Ball from the Bloodhound Gang in a special article on the whole hip-hop/rock movement. A must see! (check your local supermarket for it)...The Sacramento show did change venues. Tickets will go onsale this Saturday!...Also, coming in the next couple weeks to this page will be a section dedicated to the equipment that the band uses!

Online exposure! Now securing the #3 spot on the UBL countdown, Sugar Ray is on its way to the #1 position! Also special news for you "Sacramento-ites" out there. They are talking about moving the concert from Arco Arena to the Memorial Auditorium in Sac-town. Tickets for the show go on sale October 4th!

More magazine exposure! Maximum Guitar has an article featuring an interview with Rodney, who talks about guitars, "Floored", and their fame. A MUST SEE! Also in the magazine is an interview with Nick and Tim from 311.

I'd like to congratulate Sugar Ray for going PLATNIUM for their cd "Floored"! Go to for a concert review and for realvideo of the Letterman show when Sugar Ray was on!

The next single off of "Floored" will be R.P.M..."Fly" is now on #1 on Mtv's top 20 countdown...Staying at position #12, "Floored" is holding strong on the Billboard top 200...The tour dates are from 311's tour itinerary.

The band is featured in the new issue of HIT PARADER on newsstands now (also feat. KoRn). After a brief stint in Europe, a proposed tour with 311 is in the works. (check out for 311 tour dates. Also in the works is a possible tour with the deftones and Limp Bizkit. Sugar Ray had to cancel their appearance on Loveline due to Mark's throat. Check out Atlantic Record's Sugar Ray site to see "candid" pictures of the band that Murphy is putting up. Check back with this page within (hopefully) the next couple weeks for live pictures from the show in Sacramento on the 9th of September!!

Check out Sugar Ray's acting debut on home video! "Father's Day", (starring Billy Crystal and Robin Williams) is out now, so rent it today!
The band is on an Iggy Pop tribute cd, due out on the 16th of September.

Sugar Ray is in the new issue of Guitar World which has the bass and guitar tab for "Fly" and articles on the Deftones, Limp Bizkit, and Downset. (on newsstands now!)

Sugar Ray on Letterman tonight, check you local listings for times!

The band will be appearing on the David Letterman show sometime in September, no date known yet.

"Floored" has now went Gold (500,000 copies) and is making its way to Platinum.

After their Kamp Kome show (see tour dates), Sugar Ray will be headlining an European tour starting late September.

Right now I am in the middle on figuring out the tabs and putting them on the computer. Look for a extention Sugar Ray Tablature page within the month of August.

"Floored" is #1 on the Alternative Album Charts!

and #27 on the Billboard top 200

"Floored" climbed up to #41 on the Billboard top 100!...Don't miss the web cast at the Digital Arena at Atlantic Records on Thurday.

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