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The Origin of...Skyth

So you wish to know the origin of the name Skyth and why I call myself a warlock. Well, it all began about 12 years ago. I was playing Rolemaster with a friend of mine. Well the character I had then was named Skyth (It's pronounced Skith as in Sith). His profession was that of Warlock (I liked the Changling list which is one of the Warlock's base lists). He also had the Archmage ability so he could use magic from all three domains (Channeling, Essence, and Mentalism). Well, while playing him, he became extremely powerful and created his own world.

Fastforward about 6 years. I got involved in online roleplaying. I used to go by the handle of Whiplash. Well the characters in the chatroom seemed rather high powered, so I brought in Skyth as my main character. Eventually I became known as Skyth instead of Whiplash. I've kept Skyth as my handle ever since. I think I'm the original one on the net. Only lately have I started running into other people claiming the name as thier own.