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is an all women's clean & sober motorcycle club. The club officially began in August 1989 with 4 founding members, Christina, Laina, Stacy and Gretchen. Over the years we have gone from the original 4 members up to 8, down to 2 but we have built a strong group of "Sisters". We now consist of Kim, Kerry and Leslie along with retired members Laina, Gretchen and Janet and would welcome new members.

We have only a few requirements for membership:

  • Woman, in AA or NA, 18 or older with a minimum 1 year Sobriety/Clean time.
  • Rides their own motorcycle.
  • Valid drivers license, registration and insurance.
  • Completes minimum "hang around" and prospect period.
  • Enjoys riding and having fun!

    Our members are located throughout the San Francisco Bay area but we do not currently have any chapters outside this area. (See
    New Chapter Info if you are interested in starting a Raw Silk Chapter in your area!)

    If you meet these requirements and want to find out more about becoming a member send email to:


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