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Practical Joke Edison and Slapstick Nutmeg's Prank Page

Ok! Yeah. I'm a member of the Magnificent Seven Mailing list and a few months ago I decided to liven the place up. A friend, Nutmeg, had been posting little vingettes, so to speak, to the list. Just little quasi-fanfics to cheer us up. We were waiting for news on the Seven's renewal. So I decided to get in on the fun and the adventures of Practical Joke Edison and Slapstick Nutmeg were born! Basically Nutmeg and I are divvying up the Seven and writing practical jokes to play on them. We use our names and our personalities for our alter-egos. They've struck all of the Seven. But we might repeat ourselves. Or go after Mary. (SNICKER!) We have had a request for Judge Travis as well. You never know. Anyway, not to long ago, the Nut, Nutmeg, suggested that I put our pranks on my page. So here we are! My prank page! Hee hee hee!
And we have recruited a new Prankster! Shawna from the Vixens list.
Forgot my disclaimer.
I do not own the Magnificent Seven despite repeated requests to Santa, Cupid, the Easter bunny, the Pumpkin guy, and the tooth fairy. Never forgetting The Magnificent Chicken. I'm only borrowing them for a short period of time. And promise to return them in relatively the same condition as I found them. A little shell shocked maybe. But when you unleash myself and Nutmeg on a group of unsuspecting gunslingers from the eighteen hundreds you really have to expect that. Side's I doubt after all the work our Mailing list has done towards getting the show renewed that they would sue me over a few little ole' pranks that were not meant to harm anyone. That I know of. Nevermind what I do when I sleep. That subconcious of mine is pretty unpredictable. Anyways...Happy reading! Marianne..A.K.A Practical Joke Edison

I DIDN'T DO IT WEN! The chicken went after the TNT when I wasn't looking. I swear!!!!!!!! (Is this the end of the Magnificent Chicken...(insert dramatic music) naw....he's on sick leave till the end of the season then he'll be back as clucky as ever)
Speakin' of clucky. Check out this guy

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