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That Colour Definetly Suits You...Josiah

(The author and mastermind behind this little prank was my PIC (Partner In Crime)Nutmeg)

"Shhhhhhhhhh, think he's out like a light," Marianne whispered to Nutmeg, as they stood outside the church window peering in.
"Hell, he falls asleep easy....I got the supplies," Nutmeg whispered back grinning from ear to ear.
"Good, how long do you think it'll stay in?"
"Oh, maybe a week or so, depends my Indian pal didn't say if it was real strong or not."
"Kay, lets go. This is gonna be fun." Marianne and Nutmeg entered the church quietly, and steathily creeped up to Josiah, sleeping in a pew.
"SHHHHHHH," Marianne scolded, spinning around to face Nutmeg, a smile playing on her lips.
"Dang floorboards, sorry. Looks all peaceful don't he?" Nutmeg smiled down at the preacher.
"Does now, but that will change when he wakes up." They giggled and began their little task quietly so as not to wake the preacher. "That's it Josiah, keep sleepin' like a baby."
"Kay, done. Better high tail it outta here and see ya tomorrow?" Nutmeg asked, cleaning up the mess on the floobaords so as not to leave any evidence.
"Why of course Pard, wouldn't miss it for the world." Marianne and Nutmeg exchanged their secret handshake, winking at a job well done.
The two pranksters creeped out of the church silently, shutting the door behind them and disappeared into the night.

"Well would you look at that Buck!" JD said astonished. The preacher had just stepped out of the church oblivious to the prank that had been played on him yet.
"Looks like Marianne and Nutmeg have been at it again!" Buck replied chuckling, but still sore for the last prank that they had pulled on him.
"Buck, JD, Glorious morning don't you think? The Lord sure blessed this day," Josiah began, walking up the the two, who were lounging outside the Saloon.
"Why yes, Josiah, it is....," JD trailed off trying not to laugh, but couldn't help himself. Buck joined him and they burst into fits of laughter.
"Somethin' wrong?"
"It's.....hahahehehehhahahaahha...," they stuttered, holding each other up, but Josiah lost his patience with them and strode into the Saloon.
"Why Josiah, are you sick, have you looked in a mirror?" Nathan began, but knew that the two town pranksters had been busy. He laughed and Josiah just glared at him. He strode to the bar, all eyes on him. Vin, Chris and Ezra watched, laughter in their eyes. Nutmeg and Marianne strode into the Saloon, placing themselves on either side of the preacher by the bar.
"You know, I think that color suits 'im, don't you think Marianne?" Nutmeg began, without even looking at Josiah and ordering a drink.
"Well, maybe it's a little too dull. What do you think Josiah?"
Josiah, looked up from the bar into the mirror above, shock registering on his features.
"Think this is our cue to high tail it outta here," Nutmeg said slyly, inching away from the bar.
"Got a mighty fine point," Marianne added, doing the same.
"Why you two little.......!!!!!!! What did you do to my hair!!?????" He rose from the stool, his deep voice resounding in their ears.
"I thought the grey and white was real easy to cover up, makes ya look younger...," Nutmeg began, trying not to laugh.
"Now, now Josiah, what would God do?" Marianne couldn't help it and burst into giggles. Nutmeg looked over at her barely constraining hers, both inching toward the swinging doors.
"I'll show you what he'd do!!!!" Josiah boomed and he chased them out of the Saloon into the streets, their laughter and the men's in the bar resounding after him.
"Personally, I think the purple looked good on him," JD remarked as he walked in with Buck over to the table with the rest of the six. The men just burst into laughter and the four who hadn't had a prank played on them yet shook their heads, dreading their time.

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