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1979 Chrysler Pictures p. 2

Another very similar '79 LeBaron. The Diplomat and Caravelle didn't have the reflector behind the rear wheel, the opera light behind the rear door, or the extra chrome on the B-pillar between the doors.

A '79 LeBaron coupe with it's engine running. The ad reads "All original in perfect running condition, automatic transmission, a/c, all power, leather, rebuilt V8, asking $1,995" (mar 00)

A nice looking Coupe. This one has a /6. Ad also says it needs a little work.

Another LeBaron coupe. This one was going for $1,595.

The ad for this coupe read "rare, one of 42 produced with T-tops, air, 318 lean burn engine, auto, power steering, power brakes, 110,000mi, all original, must sell, moving, $5,000 obo."

Someone seems to have removed the rubber mouldings from the bumpers of this '79 LeBaron Coupe

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