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1978 Chrysler Pictures

Even though th rear of this '78 LeBaron doesn't resemble the Fifth Avenue, it's still an m-body.

This 1978 Chrysler LeBaron lives in Ottawa/Carleton. It has no rust and has never been winter driven.
Picture courtesy of Kevin Deevey.

Another view of the car above.

Another shot of a '78 LeBaron coupe. The Sedan is pictured in the background.

This is Patricia, a 1978 LeBaron. Pictured here after an accident which left her totalled. Her interior now lives on in Farley, the '79 Diplomat.
Picture courtesy of Farley's Page

1978 Chrysler Town & Country. This picture appeared on a postcard.

1978 Chrysler LeBaron Sedan. This picture was published in the sales brochure.

Another '78 LeBaron sedan.
Chrysler LeBaron Appreciation Page

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