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Dodge Page

1978 Dodge Diplomat MedalianFor a couple of years the Diplomat was offered as a 2 door aswell. This 1978 was owned by Jeremy Boeck. If you have one for sale, or know of one for sale, visit the "want ads" page and e-mail him

1979 Dodge DiplomatThis is Farley. He is a 1979 Dodge Diplomat owned by Frank Billington. He also has a home on the web. Farley's page has more pictures of M-bodies and a lot of Diplomat info.
Farley's Page

1980 Dodge Diplomat CoupeThis is a 1980 Dodge Diplomat Coupe pictured with the optional 10 spoke aluminum rims. This model was also available as a T-top.
Picture from the 1980 Dodge Diplomat sales brochure

1987 Chrysler 5th Ave and 1979 Dodge DiplomatThis is Daphne(left) and Farley(right). These are two of the different styles of M-bodies made.
Farley's Page

A 1981 Diplomat Coupe. Although rare copmared to the sedans they are out there.

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