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The page here will relate to articles that victim/survivor find to be important.
They come from the mailing support group and will be placed here for furture reference.


Mind Control: Using Holography and Dissociation A Process Model.This Study is a part of and on going research project that tracks the healing and integration of dissoicated fragments to achieve a wholeness in the dissociator/suffer as well as examine indicators of mind control techniques
Following Deva's defection Global Technology World Alliance (GTWA). in August, 1996, to her death in September, 2000, Deva, who was executive of the whole dissociated systems, freely participated in a longitudinal case-study research program. This case study was designed to observe and evaluate the impact of traumatic experiences and D.I.D. on her personal life and capacity to heal herself. Consulting members of this case-study team of committed Christians included medical physicians, psychologist, psychiatrist, nurse, church ministers and a professional case-study researcher as project leader. Check out their web site

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