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RandOm piCs - mY PhOto aLbUm

RandOm piCs

This is my cousin Annie, aka Mama. She is the sweetest cousin, but sometimes her pms can get in the way... hehehe. An and I used to be really closed but now that we're older, we kind of gone our separate ways. This picture is ancient ago and it's the only picture I got of her because this girl doesn't like to take pictures. But for now An, you'll just have to stick with it. =P

This is me and my cuz, Wendy, who's aka ButCH. She's also very sweet, lovin' and is always there for me when I'm down.

This is my one of my best bud, Cindy. We've been good friends since grade 10 and still going. Hopefully, we'll be good friends until our teeth turns yellow and our hair falls off. Cindy is always bubbly and a cool friend which you can talk to about almost anything. Welps, not everything because this girl can sometimes blow up a secret without knowing it. Hehe.

HEre's one of my best bud, Rosan with her boyfriend MiKey. They're one of the couples that I know that lasted the longest time... 6 years!! Don't they look adorable together?! Unfortunately, this pic was also taken a long time ago... about 4 or 5 years... Until then, I guess you guys have to stick with it too =P

THis is my aol buddy Ray, aka dork... he's macking on the phone with some chic! =) Ray and I have been keeping in touch for 5 years, since I was 16. When we first met, he was kind of immature but he's matured a bit since then =) Guess what girls? This guy is available!

This is my friend Kim and her baby, Kianna from Richmond, BC. We've also been friends for the longest time... since grade 3. But unfortunately she had to move away to BC. We're still keeping in touch though.

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