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FaMiLy - mY phOtO aLbUm


TheSe aRe mY LoVeLy parents. I love them for everything they have given to me... love, life, and for what I am today. My parents are workaholics... they work 12 hours non stop. Deep down inside, I know they are doing this for me and my siblings. They want us to be educated and be successful in whatever we plan to do. I am thankful for their support all these years. They are the best parents anyone can have and no one in the world can replace them!

HeRe's a Pic of me and mY beaUtiFul sister, SamAntha. My sister is one of a kind! She's always been there for me; she's the kindest person I know (seriously!!)... if you know her, you'll think so too! She is also very cool.... ( i remembered when I wasn't legal yet... she's done some things for me... and I am thankful for her help!) THanx sis.... if you're reading this, I want you to know that I love ya lotS! This picture was also taken quite a while ago. I'll try to look for a more recent photo.

I have 4 older brothers and let's just say that they're a pain in the bum! Just kidding. Although we're not the type of family that express our feelings, I know that deep down inside that they really love me. They are really cool bros and we get along really well. Some say that our family is so perfect because everybody gets along. Hmm... maybe we are! Well, I just like to thank them for all the years of loving and support and for always being there for me. I know that they'll always be there for me because they say if anyone harasses me they will beat them up and that goes for Kristian (my hunnie bun) as well... hehehe. Unfortunately, I don't have any recent pics of them yet. But hopefully, I will get one soon.

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