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The Elements Quest (Advanced Heroquest)

So, you seek the Elements. This is a quest for 4 heroes to play. You read the following to the players:

A old man walks up to you yelling, "The Elements are coming, the Elements are coming! Please, you must help me." he yells, "My name is Bruenor and I need your help." You nod towards Bruenor, "There is a King Element in the caverns by Ten Towns. Kill him and his kind and I will pay you 500GCs or I can breath life into one of your dead warriors." Do you accept?

If you accept the man gives you a basic Henchman plus a blessing (+1 to your Wounds) If you do not accept you must roll on the basic quest table in the Advanced Heroquest book. The old man waddles off into the distance. You head towards the dungeon. You enter. When in the dungeon you roll to see what is in the dungeon with the following restrictions. There are three floors (different expeditions) There are no normal rooms or lairs. All normal and lair rooms are actually hazard. In the first quest room (floor 1) you fight the Fatman {tables given later in link} In the second quest room (floor two) you fight the mad wizard. In the third quest room (floor three, remember that each is a different expedition) you fight the King Element, the Quest goal.

You can go to my link called Element Tables if you want to see the Elements, Firepits, Fatman, Mad Wizard and the King Element.

Elemental Tables

Elemental Tables (all the things you need)