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Welcome to my homepage. I'm Dai Atlas (aka Mardhen Bravo). This index page covers many of my trivialities. Feel free to click in the links to see my outlook on many of my interests.:) Last update: 09-09 02 __________________________________________________________Yugi from Tenchi in Tokyo __________________________________________________________ Humpy!;-) __________________________________________________________ Clear Dinobot2 The JP Hot Rod Model My Tf collection Translated Japanese tecspecs! Transformers series My Sliders page __________________________________________________________ Pictures from Botcon 2000! My US and JP Convoys Some of my roomies looking at the TF bible Venom 7 playing his Dreamcast Venom 7 and Dai Atlas Some of us at the Dinner Me and John Moschitta (Blurr) Hellbat as Ramjet Some Cybconners at the pizza gathering More Cybconners DW entertaining away Alec Willows (Tarantulas) Ian Corlett (Cheetor) Venus Terzo (Blackarachnia) ___________________________________________________________

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