"I have sworn upon the alter of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man"
Thomas Jefferson

Still More Pleadings Awaiting Justice...

"But when men were increasingly driven from the fields and were deprived of the possibility of working and of their livelihood and forced to wander homeless, they began to covet the wealth of others and to sell their services along with their loyalty. So gradually a people, which had been a ruling people and governed the world, fell from its position and instead of ruling as a body bound itself as individuals to servitude..."
An anonymous political pamphlet, disguised, to avoid en-trouble-ment for the hot-headed author, as: Saullust, *Epistula ad Caeserem*, ii, 5, 4-5

"In the name of Heaven, Catalina, how long do you propose to exploit our patience?... In the whole of Italy there is not one single poisoner, gladiator, robber, assassin, will-forger, cheat, glutton, wastrel, adulterer, prostitute, corrupter of youth, or youth who has been corrupted, indeed any nasty individual of any kind whatever, who would not be obliged to admit he has been Catalina's intimate..."
Cicero, *Against Lucius Sergius Catalina*

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