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All About Me

Ok, I'm sure if ya clicked on my pic ya wanted to find out a lil about me.
Here's a some info to give ya an idea of what I'm like.

Birthday:March 15
Hair:Dark brown/black

Other stuff about me:
My favorite food is:Mint Chocolate chip ice cream!! yummy:) hehe
favorite tv show is:Star trek. which one? I love em all!
My zodiac sign is:Pisces )-(
My sign on the Chinese calendar is:Boar/pig depending on which you prefer
I love to ride my bike, go fishing, chat, read, and draw pictures
'm also chinese and I'm first generation of my family here.
I have 3 younger siblings, my 13 year old sis Tricia, my 11 year old bro Steven, and 5 year old bro Nick.
We used to live in California but moved here after my dad got re-married.

<---- look it's me again hehehe

<--- this is my lil sis Tricia.

this lovely woman is my mom. She passed away when i was 7yrs old.

<----- here's my doggie Zena she's half husky half german shepard.

<----- here's a pic of my dad and two bros Steven and Nicholas.

<---- here's steven's school pic from this year, hehe mr. serious here ;)

<----- this is my dad and his girlfriend Jacquie she's really nice! :)