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My Art Corner

Hey bet you didn't know I've written some poetry huh? Hehe... I also have a few of my drawings on here just so you can see what kinda stuff I like to draw and all. I have some more poetry somewhere in my room but I gotta find it before I can do anything with it hehe. So if you've been waiting on more to be put up sorry. I'll get it up as soon as i find it though k?

Free Me

Trapped between the hands of time
Crying out in pain and sorrow
Burning within my soul
Lost in this wilderness of life

I cry to thee
With sadness and glee
Free Me

The Ocean

The crash of the waves
on the rocky shore
e calling of the gulls
rom the cliff overlooking
The shore.

Salty smell in the air
lence broken only
the waves and calls.

Quietly I sit
n peaceful relaxation
Upon a beach of the ocean.


Why have you cheated me?
A true believer in you.
y fear was strong,
Did I even belong,
In this place at all?

The cool moist ground beckons my return
To that fearful place
Why then do I turn,
Away from your sad embrace?

The Couple

Silently the couple sat
Resting from their busy job.
They look about
The outdoor scene,
Seeing people, cars, and things.
Then their rest over and done
They take to the air as one.


The color of a rose can mean different things
From "I love you" to "I care"
And true love we can share
Peace and innocence
Gratitude and appreaciation
Friendship and confesion
Of true feelings
They mean many things
And help show true feelings


the day slows turns into night
The shadows creep away from the lights
That go on as the sun disappears
Slowly over the horizon bringing new fears

The creatures of the night which hide from day's light
in to come out of their daylight shadows
The bats and the owls
ats snakes and mice
Come out in the protection of the dark
And leave without a trace in the morning
t a sound or a mark
Is left for the day to see

And up in my room
I watch again as the night returns
eath the shining moonlight and gentle star glow
watch all the shadows of things I don't know