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Mesothelioma And Veterans
Mesothelioma And Veterans

My pages are meant to be used for

fun,relaxation,and be informative at

the same time so, please enjoy yourself.

I will attempt to bring you usable gifs,midis,music,

pictures,and jokes that you can enjoy and use

in youre mail or on your site.

Please sign my guestbook before leaving so that I may visit your site in return.

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I would like to take this opportunity to thank

the many people that have helped and contributed to

making these pages what they are,and invite you to

visit their sites, listed on my links page.

I will attempt to bring you some interesting places to visit and interesting things to do.

For anyone that is interested in who I am, or

about my family.I have devoted a small portion of this

web page to the task of introducting us to you, the

people of the web. I am very proud of my family

and would like everyone that visits this page to get to

know them a little. To pass by my familyand never get

to know us, then choose one of the other options

listed below.

A special page dedicated to a very brave little girl

Elizabeth (Sissy)Lane


Here is a list of pages of images on this site that you can use on your e-mail or on your homepages. Enjoy your trip through the pages and sites.

Looking for a different topic or image? Try my wife's site for images of many things and sujects that are not listed on this site.

The combined efforts of my wife and myself have attempted to bring to you the best of the images on the web. All of the images that we use, as far as we know, are in public domain, but if you find one that is copywrited, please let one of us know and it will be removed. In all cases, please transfer any image that you need to your site so as to preserve your use of that image.

Take a trip through the other member sites of the webring to enjoy many more hours of fun and information.

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