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Come on in, sit down and make yourself

comfortable.My name is Pat (aka:

flash-happy). Please scroll down

and sign my guestbook before leaving.

I'm interested, and would like to

know you were here. I'm your average

american woman, a job, a husband,

two kids, two cars,a mortage and

a dog. I have many hobbies.

My favorite three all tie together,

flowers, hummingbirds and photography.

To view some of my photos click on

hummingbird. My big love right now is

my webtv, I love to chat.

You can meet some of the wonderful

friends I have met on the web and some of

the people that helped to produce this page.

Visit their sites.

So come on in and meet my

friends and family,visit my favorite sites and



pick up some free graphics, you may link to.

This site is made especially for webtv users,

and you are free to use anything you find

here, but for the protection of your image

please transload it to your own site.

Then, if you are not to worn out, you might want to visit other members of the webring for anything you don't find here.


Here is the code for my page and banner if you would like to link to this page

<a href="" >
< img src=" ners/patslink.gif"> </a>

Memorial Page for Elizebeth (Sissy) Lane

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Asbestos Cancer

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