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Egyptian Spiny Mouse: Dulette

LAST UPDATED:JULY 20 2001feb 2000

Dulette is now 2 years old, she is still very active and friendly. She loves he mouse food and enjoys various treats. She likes mealworms a great deal!! Dulette now has a bigger cage and is much happier. She has tubes and toys to play with and tissue and paper tubes to chew, she also gets some branches to chew on as well. I got her a 3 story cage which she will move into soon, and I think that will give her lots more room to move around!
Our new freind now has a name, she's called Dulette. For an "unfriendly" creature, she is rather freindly, you can't pick her up but she is willing to take seeds from me and lets me put my hand in to take out her food bowl, she drinks out of a water bottle. She's a sweet looking and active mouse, and seems happy! I will look into getting her a better cage soon, something like Hamue's. She is doing well!
We just got (May 7th '99) a cute little spiny mouse. She is about 1 year old and missing her tail but looks something like the ones pictured above I'll add her picture soon. She was no longer wanted by her former owners and they brought her in to the shelter to be put down, but the staff didn't want to put her down so they were looking for a home for her. I saw her and since I had been thinking of getting one some time back and also we didn't want her put to sleep either, she came home with me.
She's very hand shy and will bite if someone tries to pick her up but is otherwise a very sweet little mouse. She has some mice/hamster block food and I am getting her some mouse food (seeds) tommorw. I an still looking into diets, but I been told she eats seeds, fruits and vedgies and bugs. If anyone has some information on feeding and care of these guys please e-mail me, I know the basics about mice and small animals but not much about this type of mouse.

Stay tuned for updates!

she is one of these types of spiny mice, I belive the first, but she looks a little closer to the 2nd ones colloring. she is this type of mouse or this kind

Fancy Mouse: Jersey

Jersey is about 4-5 months old, she is what they call a "Fancy" mouse which are commenly found in pet shops. She lives in a 33 gallon tank which she used to share with Lumch (another fancy mouse) who passes away not too long ago. Jersey is a friendly little mouse who is highly active and loves to run around and explore her cage!! You might notice her tank needs a little cleaning in the photo, she likes to rip up the newspaper and also leaves empty seed husks all over. Mice should have thier cage cleaned regularly, AT LEAST once a week, idealy more exspecialy if you have them in a tank.
Ventalation in the tank is not as good as in a cage, I recomind a large (2 or 3 story) cage for anyone that doesn't have cats or has a room to isolate thier mice away from the cats. Past mice, Lunch, Dinner and Snack