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My Cats, Hedgehog & other pets

Cats: April 15yrs | Tuli 7yrs | Doni 4yrs | Gwenie 17yrs | Dawson 18yrs|
| Hedgehogs: Shamrock Sean | Egyptian Spiny Mouse: Dulette | Fancy Mouse: Lunch and Cow

Other Pets in the Family: | My Mothers Pets: Cats: | Ragu | Cupcake | Daniele's Pets: Turtles: Mirrah
Other Pets we have had
PETS OF THE FUTURE: Zebra Finches | Newts |

In Memory of; Cuddles |Cesille the hedgehog | Seppy | Hamu the russian campbell dwarf hamster

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This is all about my beautiful pets! To see their images just click on thier names. At the moment I have 5 wonderful cats and 1 amazing Hedgehogs, 1 Spiny mouse, 2 Fancy mice, plus fosters from time to time.

Last updated:DEC 20, 2000


April is my 14 year old grey and cream tabby, she has some mild fawn patches in her too making her a "Torbie". ORIGINS

I got her in 1986 as an Easter gift! She was my very first pet (other then the fish that belonged to the family), and holds a special place in my heart. She as been by my side threw the most of my life, and will be with me when I turn 30. She belonged to a friend of my sisiters who had her mother and April's siblings. I had already met and choise April out of the litter of kittens but was going to Disney Land and had to wait a while (I add been waiting 4 years alreay to get a kitten). We [my mother and I] came home a day latter then exspected because my mother said there was something special waiting for me that couldn't wait, little did I know my father was getting April to suprize me. I came home and my Dad told me to go look at my Easter present which was on the bed. I went up and saw a beautiful little kitten sleeping on my bed. She has been the best gift I ever got =). About AprilShe is one of the most loveing cats I ever met when she is in a good mood! unfortunatly she is normaly grumpy, she doesn't like to be picked up at all. April loves to sit on my lap when I read or watch TV and of course also on John's lap [my fiancee]. She is the queen of the household, she loves to play even though Apy is a little athretic at this point. April has always had skin problems (she has many allergies) and we recental found out she cannot eat anything with soy, so now we have to be careful what brand of cat food we get for her. April shows she deep affection and love by purring, licking and rudding/snuggling with us. She is a wonderful kitty and I wouldn't trade her for a million bucks!! Special Needs April has allergies to soy, corn, dust, fleas (thankfuly she had none of those for YEARS) seems to have problems digesting beef amoung other things. She has problems with very dry itchy skin (due to allergies). As a young cat she had many medical problems but now is much better. She is on a special resticted diet and medication for athritus. More about April More images of April!


Tuli (as we call her =) ) is only 6 years old! ORIGINSI got her and her litter as foster cats in 1994 from the Ottawa Humane Societywhen she was only about 4 or 5 weeks old, she was a very wild orphaned kitten. Her sisters Ida and Ethna were black with a touch of white on their backs, as though someone had painted them.. I have never seen a cat with those markings sence! Her brother Felix was a brown and white tabby with very ordinary markings, but extraordinary personality. It took them about 3 weeks to get used to humans but once they were socielized they become wonderful pets and were all adopted into good homes! EXCEPT for Tuli! ABOUT TULI She was still a little wild and shy, when ever someone she didn't know came into the house she would hid . She was very timid and we did not thing she would be adopted, SO! I adopted her, and she has grown into a whole new kitty!! she is so affectioned and offten cries when she doesn`t know were we are =), unfortunatly she is still timid around strangers and hides. We also got broken into and she lost more trust in unknown people as she was frightened by all the loud noises, we where lucky to have ending up loosing nothing except the front door. She is a brown spotted tabby with redish belly and black feet (she looks like a wild cat called "the black footed cat"). The only other unusual thing about appearance her is that she is VERY VERY tiny! she is only the size of a 5 month old kitten! Both her sisters and brother were abnormaly large! The vet says she is a midget cat =) she also likes to jump from the second story balcony onto the ground, and up! this is about 10 feet.. I don' know if this is normal for such a little cat, but she jumps higher then any cat I know. Since we now live in an Apartment, Tuli no longer goes outside, she still jumps amzingly high and wide, she jumps from the dresser to the bed (& vise versa) witch is a little more then 6 feet. Tuli loves being an inside cat, we where a little worried in the beging but she doesn't mind one bit, she never askes to go out and has tons of fun, her favorite activities are chasing around various toys, playing with paper bags, knocking things off their shelfs (not one we like her to do) watching birds, playing with Donavin and any foster cats/kittens we have and of course basking in the sun!! Tuli has a new Friend, our 7 month old kitten Donavin, whom she likes to play with.
We call Tuli our Vampire kitten because she gets sooo jelious of foster kittens she "growls" but Tuli just isn't a very treatning cat, she ends up sounding like this -- "grrrr-snort-snort-snort-grrsnort" She then is caught of gaurd by us, playing with the kittens!! She just wasted to show off how tough she was! Tuli loves to play and often "boxes" with April, although not as often now that April is older. SPECIAL NEEDS Tuli is a healthy cat, her special needs are all based on her personality! She is shy and timid with strangers and does still startle easily at loud sounds. She is also the most finicky eater I know. Otherwise she is 100% healthy. More about Tuli and more Images of Tuli!


Tragically our beloved Cuddles passes away september 2 1997 at 8:30 due to very bad bone cancer. He was a wonderful cat and I hope that his memory will be able to live on forever.

Rest in eternal peace Cuddles.


Tragically Seppy passed away due to dog attack April 28 2000 at the age of 18 I am glad I took the time to say goodbye to her when she was at the vets but I think it's so unfair her life ended this way. If the people that where looking after the dog take some for of action (dog obediance, having the animal fixed and/or paying for part of the costs for Seppy) then my father will not take legal action but it they do not he will.

Donavin the siamese wannabe

ORIGINS Doni and his litter came to us as foster kitten in 1997 from the Ottawa Humane Society. They where orphaned and about 3-4 weeks old. All the kittens got sick with coccidia, an internal parisite which is easy to treat but can be life threatning in small underwieght kittens. Doni was VERY sick and many times he almost died, fortunitaly for him and us he pulled though with lots of round the clock care, medication and attention. All his sibling also made it and where adopted to different homes. Doni officialy became ours when he was about 10 weeks old. After taking a while to intergrate him into the family several medical problems started. He coughed alot, which the vet couldn't figure out and then one day at 4 months old Doni went into a comma like state, we rushed him to the vet where he had full bloodwork-up and was given emergancy treatment, again the vet couldn't figure out whathad caused it, we ruled out most everything. His bloodwork was good but showed high levels of blood platlets and other indecations that his system had reacted to something. We took him home and had no other problems till he was 9 months old. His nose turned totaly pink overnight, which I knew was definitaly not normal. He was rushed to the vet where test where done again to rule out things such as cancer. It turned out to be a "rodent ulcer" which is an allergic reaction to something. The vet who saw him that day was able to work through what lead up to his reaction. Both times we had been babysitting Ragu, who is on a special diet that was mostly fish.. the food we normaly feed Doni has little fish content. Donavin was deadly allergic to fish, especialy Tuna, Salmon and Whitefish. Since then he's been placed on a Hypoallerginic diet. ABOUT DONI Doni is our baby, he's also a brat and a bad boy.. he knows he can get away with anything!! He tries to steal food, gets into the garbage and tosses litter out of the box. Since we had him we have no plants as he killed and ate them all. He LOVES to be with us and is never far away (he's here with me right now). Doni gives kisses, greets us when we get home, chats about his day and plays with the other cats (foster and ours). He's always into mischief !! He's 100% oriential with all those quirky siamese traits. Who ever called him a wannabe?? What more can I say? He's a perfect angel (*wink*)
Donavin is a neutered siamese/himalyan/DSH mix of 4 years
SPECIAL NEEDS After a few close calls, Doni was discovered to have serious lifethreatning allergis to fish and has been on a special diet since he was 9 months old. He has a weaker immune system as well. Other then this he's been in great shape all his life once the problem was solved. He resently had dentisrty and it was discovered that in a few years he'll need a tooth extracted but nothing major. Cat like Doni with immune problems tend to get more tartar buildup even if they eat dry food.

More about Donavin and some more images!!

Gwenie our senior kitten

MAY 06 2001
Gwenie has now been on medication for a bladder infection for some time with no improvment, she has had bloodwork and xrays done and the vet highly suspects with tumours or cancer in her kideny or bladder. she has lost museal tone in her back legs but can still get around without discomfort. she also has lost most of her teeth but still eats well. Gwenie now has a heart murmur which will get worse with time (per vet), right now it's mild and not causing her any problems. It's unfortunitaly true that we have come to realize out beloved Gwenie is not long for this world, as long as she is happy and not suffering we are keeping her home with us, but if she goes downhill and isn't happy we'll not let her suffer. She is 17 years old, and has been with us almost 4 years. Four years that she almost didn't get at all. We are taking it day by day and hoping she has a long time left with us but preparing in case it happens suddenly.

Our Gwenie is still an amazing cat, she has kideny problems now so is on low protien diet and is starting to go blind. She is however still healthy and happy and enjoying life!! So we feel she still has a long time left with us. Gwenie is our special cat. She proved to us how easy adopting a senior cat was when you have other cats (since we foster we know that young adult and kittens where easy to intergrate in). She is still playful and learning new things each day. Gwenie is first to greet us in the morning and evening, and although she strays mostly on our 1st floor level she is always seeking attention from us. She has even won the respect of April and Tuli :) Gwenie is now 16 years old spay brown tabby, she is very special since we got her totaly be chance.
Gwenies owner was moving far out of the province and couldn't Take her along, since Gweners is 14 years old, although she was in perfect health, her owner though the only option was to have her put to sleep. Lucky for Gwennie [and us] John found out about before this happen and she became part of the family!
ABOUT GWENIEGwenie LOVES attention, she is very friendly, a bit skittish of strangers still. She loves to "pet" people and will touch you with her paw on the arm of face, she is also very active and loves to toss catnip toys all over. She shows Donavin whos boss, and irnors April [thus cossing no conflict between the elder females]. Her favorite spots to sleep are under our futon sofa's blanket, on the top of it [see image], on our cabit in the bedroom which is in our closet [it's a large walk in one that has no door, image soon of this].
Gwenie was a bit overwieght when we got her [as seen in image] but now has thinned out and the vet says she's 100% healthy now, she still loves those treats, but she eats senior food now *grin*. If you ever thought about adopting an older cat, I would say go for it! we found a real treasure in Gwenie, also well looked after cats can live to 25+ years old, even if they don't you will have a valueble friend!

SPECIAL NEEDS Gwenie needs are all based on old age, she is on low protien diet for early signs of kidney failure (not uncommon in senior cats) she is going blind and has some mild athritus and has an abnormaly shaped/sized heart. Otherwise Gwenie is in good health and loving life.


ORIGINS Ragu, 1997 Ottawa Ice Storm survivour! ABOUT RAGU SPECIAL NEEDS

Ragu is now almost a year old, He adores kitten and has been helping my mother with all her foster babies. He's a big ball of fun and loves to snuggle up with Seppy Who doen't mind too much! Ragu loves to play with balls, and his favorite pal is Donavin who he comes and visits when my parents are away on trips. He's a very wonderful guy!! Ragu doen't go outside even on a leash since this unsets him greatly [outdoors] mostly due to is rough start in life as a starving alley kitten. He is very happy to stay inside and sit on laps, play with the zillions of toys and generaly be a cuddly fellow!

Ragu is a former foster kitten of my mothers, he was adopted into the family!! He's about 7-8 months old black and white long haired guy who is very friendly, loves to "talk" and other cats! He has special dietary needs and has a heart murmur, but is otherwise a very healthy kitty!

We have a new member of the family a sweet little Kitten named Ragga-Muffin (RAGU). He is a long haired black and white sweetheart and loves to "talk" she runs around "murping" and "mewing" quitely to everyone in the house. He LOVES to play with Donavin and has gotten over being a shy cat. He's going to be one beautiful cat. Ragu likes to play with all sorts of toys, he can not eat "nine lives" cat/kitten food as it makes him sick, other then that is is the best wittle fuzz ball! He loves older cats and gets along with them great. He's very affectionet and gives lost of TLC! Ragu needs special care as he can not eat many kinds of food, he also has a heart murmur but is other wise healthy!! Ragu now lives with my mother and her 16 year old cat Seppy!!


ORIGINSAdopted 2000

Cupcake is my mothers new little kitten, she is a main coon mix of about 7 months old. She was brought in with a litter of other kittens about 7-8 weeks old by the owner who didn't want them. All her siblings got adopted the day they went up for adoption! They where all cute but Cupcake was the only orange tabby. Since Seppy's passing my mother had been looking for just this type of kitten, so Cupcake became a member of the family. She lives with my mother and her other cat Ragu, and looks after foster kittens as she loves to play with them and clean them. Cupcake has just been spay not too long ago, and is recovering well.

ABOUT CUPCAKE Cupcake is a sweet affectionate, playful and sometimes aloof (with strangers) kitten. she loves foster kittens and her brother cat Ragu. She belongs to my mother so I only see her when we got visiting. SPECIAL NEEDS NONE. Cupcake was a regular adoption form the Ottawa Humane Society

Old Man Dawson (aka Oswell Cobblepot)


Dawson is a special cat, you see he's a stray cat who had no hope of finding a home and no hope of being reclaimed by whoever used to own him. Why? Dawson is at least 18 years old, he might even be older then this. He has bad teeth, used to have a poor coat, is totaly blind in one eye, and looks like he was living outside for s few months. His fur was matted badly and he wasn't the most attractive fellow out there. He was wearing an old purple collar with no ID tags, and was found on a busy street downtown. No one came to claim Dawson and because he was not adoptble the shelter would have had no option but to put the old cat down. Fortunitaly for Dawson, he's a real lover and caught my eye so when his stray time was up he came home with us to spend the rest of his life. ABOUT DAWSON He took some time to intergrate into the family but is now very happy. He and Doni don't like eachother but it's not anything serious as they avoid eachother. Dawson had a bad cough and has been to the vet already, where he had bloodwork . We discovered some amazing things, he has NO problems, kidenys, liver, heart, lungs, and bloodwork where all exceptional. The cough may be a viral infection so he is on medication, if not next step is x-rays to rule out cancer but so far our new boy is 100% healthy, eating tons of dry food which helps with the teeth and loving life. He drools when happy and thinks life is great. We know not many people would adopt a cat of his age, but we have to say these old cats are such characters! They bring lots of joy into our lives and we know they will (when the time comes) have a nice plesent end to live, well loved and not lost alone or "discarded" (by former owners). We will never know how Dawson got out on that busy street or what his other 18 years where like, but I think he was at some time someones beloved pet and I hope that they would be happy to know he is safe. SPECIAL NEEDS Like Gwenie Dawson special needs are based on age, he is on low protien diet (to maintian his good kidney functions) is totaly blind in one eye. Otherwise he's 100% healthy for an old guy. See our current foster cats/kittens

Other Pets I have Owned

most of the Pet listed as being my sister I spent alot of time looking after as she soon got bored of the poor little critters!

Other Animals that have lived in my house
Name of animalType and Breed of petOwner
Joey and IsabellaGreen Budgie and Blue Budgiesister; both died of old age. Joey was about 6-7 and Issabella was a little older
Joey and IzzyGreen Budgie (same one) and Tercoise Budgiesister, but my mother and I cared for them. Both about 3 years old. Joey escaped one day and was later caught by a lady, the lady keep him. Izzy died of age
Sunny and Goldiegoldfish and white/gold goldfishhmmm.. family
Fluffy (or Hammy)Teddybear Hamstersister I think.. I was 5 at the time :) died at 4
Akeyminture dutch dwarf rabbitsister (later given to one of my friends)
2 red eared sliders turtles (never knew their names)sister [died early]
Newta type of lizard or salamnder sister [died early]
Bunnya dwarf rabbitsister (later given to someone)
Jess and TessZebra Finchesmine! Tessa died at 1yr old
Jess and CoffyZebra Finches (Coffy was a fancy one she was all white)mine! Jess was the same bird as with Tess.
Samantha or SammyTortishell catmy mothers, she had her for 20 years
Patchesorange tabby catthe famlies, or my sisters, we didn't have her long. Tragicaly she escaped out the door one day and was hit by a car she was killed instantly.
BanditA shih-tzu dogthe famlies and later mine, we had him until he was 14
Cesillefemale Afercian Pygmy Hedgehogour first hedgies, she passed away at the age of 3
HamueMale Russian Campbell Dwarf HamsterHe passes aways at 2 years
Cuddlesblack male barn catsort of our first rescue. Cuddles passes away a few years back due to bone cancer at the age of 14 years
SeppyMain coon mix, brown/white tabbyattacked and killed by a dog at the age of 18 years.

Note: I didn't include the many mice which the cats have brough to me alive, as I only keep them a few days before letting them go in a field AWAY from my cats!

Pets of the FUTURE

We don't plan on getting any new friends for some time but in the future would like to get a pair of Zebra Finches, one or two Newts [red-spotted, fire bellied, broken striped]. We might get some fish goldfish, catfish, red tailed Shark and possibly one or two others.
Like to find out about other pets in the family? Vists Mirrah a one and a half year old Red Eared Slider owned by John's Mother, Shamrock Sean now lives with Danielle along with Mirrah and is loving it more and more each day.

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