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~Foolish Hearts~
With tears in her eyes, says my Princess:
"Don't I deserve some happiness?"
With tears in my heart I looked at her,
To me this question did never occur;
Is it wise to tell her what I know?
That a heart of gold shall always glow,
Radiating happiness everywhere but getting none.
"A golden heart, my Princess, is a foolish one.
Foolish hearts, my Princess, are honest hearts,
And, thus, in happiness, they share no parts.
But rather they prefer a peaceful conscience,
For, indeed, true love knows no justice.
A foolish heart is inevitably bound to suffer,
And to consume itself forever and forever,
A foolish heart gives nothing but all,
But never does its fountain stall.
And yet, stubbornly, refuses to be traded for anything,
And, hence, for all I know, its unhappy ending.
But save your tears, there's still a glimpse of hope to conquer,
One day your foolish heart shall... another foolish heart encounter.
And whenever you feel pain, sadness or distress;
Just remember this:
"Only a foolish heart can conquer the Universe My sweet, foolish-hearted Princess."

--malvolio ( A. Bahgat )

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September 7, 1998