Calm Before The Storm

Angel's point of view

“Hey Ang,” said Kelly walking into my room.
“Hey,” I replied as she sat down.
“So how are you?” she asked softly.
“I'm fine, I really am, I wish someone would tell that to Drew so I can get out of this stupid bed,” I said smirking.
“Well what do you expect? He is your big brother, he worries,” said Kelly shrugging.
“Yeah, but apparently he doesn't have a limit to worrying,” I said sighing.
“True, and you're stuck with him,” said Kelly grinning. “By the way, does he ever say anything about me?” she asked casually.
“Hmm, maybe,” I said also grinning.
“Tell me tell me!” demanded Kelly.
I laughed. “I will tell you what Drew thinks of you, but first I gotta tell you something else,” I told her.
“Well, uh, I'm not sure how to say this so I'll just show you,” I said. I never did tell Kelly about my 'gifts', so I figured this was as good time as any. “Okay, now look at that remote control,” I said and pointed to the remote on my table.
“Okay,” said Kelly a bit hesitantly.
I focused my mind and the remote slowly rose up and off the table.
“WOW! You have a ghost living here?” asked Kelly in amazement looking around.
“What? Ghost? No! I did that!” I said laughing.
“HUH? How??” exclaimed Kelly.
“I can do stuff like that, I have telekinesis,” I explained.
“Oh, really? That's so cool!” said Kelly grinning. She was taking this better than I had expected and I was relieved that she was. “What else can you do?” she asked.
“Well, I can see the future, like I get visions, but that's not something that I can control,” I said.
“Definitely cool, so does Drew do stuff like that too?” asked Kelly.
“Yep, he can heal people and he can read people's minds,” I told her.
Kelly blushed slightly. “Does that mean that he knows I like him?” she asked.
“Probably,” I said laughing. “But don't worry, I know for a fact that he likes you too,” I added.
Kelly beamed. “Really? Are you serious?”
“Yep, definitely,” I said nodding.
“So do you think that there's a chance that me and him can go out sometime?” asked Kelly.
“Why not?” came Drew's voice from the doorway. Kelly must've jumped up about ten feet at the sound of his voice.
“Drew, are you hitting on my best friend?” I asked grinning at him and laughing at Kelly's reaction.
“Well, can I?” he asked grinning back.
“Whatever makes you two happy,” I said shrugging.
“Kelly, would you like to go out with me?” asked Drew facing her.
“I'd love to,” replied Kelly, her smile wider than ever.
“Great, how about tomorrow night?” suggested Drew.
“Sounds great,” said Kelly.
“Okay, see you then,” said Drew, gave a small nod of his head, and left.
“AHH!” squealed Kelly from excitement. “Am I dreaming or did your gorgeous brother just ask me out?”
“Gorgeous? Okay, I wouldn't know about that, but he definitely did ask you out,” I said grinning.
“Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, what am I going to wear??” exclaimed Kelly and ran over to my closet.
“Um, Kel? I know you're excited and everything, but shouldn't you be looking for clothes in, let's say, your closet?” I asked looking at her.
“I know that I have nothing to wear for something like this, and we are the same size you know,” she said with pleading eyes.
“Go ahead, if you can find something in there, go ahead and wear it,” I told her sincerely.
“Thanks!” she exclaimed and began rummaging through my closet.
I then heard a knock on my door.
“Who is it?” I called out.
“It's Nick,” replied Nick from behind the door.
“Come in,” I told him and he opened the door.
“Hey,” he said smiling.
“Hey yourself,” I said returning the smile.
“Hey Kelly,” he said turning to Kelly who was still looking through my closet.
“Hey Nick,” came her muffled response. She then emerged with a knee length sleeveless dress in her hands. “What do you think?” she said and held it up to herself.
“That'll look great on you,” I told her. The dress she picked out what a very pale gray color and was made of silk. It had two layers, the top layer was see-through and had dark-gray flowers embroidered on it, and the bottom layer was simply gray and not see-through.
“It's a very nice dress,” said Nick voicing his opinion.
“Great, I'll wear it,” decided Kelly.
“Where are you going?” asked Nick.
“On a date with Drew,” replied Kelly grinning widely.
“Drew?” asked Nick and raised his eyebrows.
“Yep, they will make the perfect couple,” I said smiling.
“Really? You think so?” asked Kelly with hope in her voice.
“Definitely,” I said and Nick nodded.
“Okay, so I'm going home now, Ang, I'll see you tomorrow,” said Kelly. She quickly said bye to Nick and left.
“So your best friend and your brother huh?” asked Nick sitting down on the bed next to me.
“Yep, they've been eyeing each other forever, I'm just glad they're finally doing something about it,” I said as Nick slipped his arm around my shoulders and I comfortably rested my head on his shoulder.
“So how are you feeling?” asked Nick.
“Perfectly fine, but Drew's not listening to me,” I said groaning.
“He has a good reason, Ang, we almost lost you,” said Nick softly and I saw fear in his eyes.
“Hey, you're not getting rid of me that easily,” I told him smiling.
“I never want to get rid of you,” said Nick earnestly.
“Believe me, the feeling is mutual,” I replied.

Kelly's point of view

I couldn't believe that I was finally going out with Drew. It was like a dream come true. I sat nervously twisting the shoulder strap of my bag as I waited for him to arrive.
“Honey don't worry, you'll have a great time,” said my dad assuring me.
“I hope so,” I said and sighed.
“I know you will,” he said and smiled. I smiled back at him. He always knew exactly the right thing to say. My dad was basically my entire world since my mom died when I was three years old from cancer. He raised me and taught me everything that I knew.
The doorbell rang and my heart began beating a little faster.
“Well, aren't you going to get it?” asked my dad grinning and pointed at the door.
“Yeah, thanks Dad,” I said, gave him a quick hug and a kiss on the cheek, smoothed my dress, took a deep breath and opened the door.
“Hi,” said Drew handing me a white rose.
“Hi,” I said taking the rose. I couldn't take my eyes off of him; he was absolutely gorgeous. He was wearing a dark blue shirt, black pants, and black shoes. His silvery-blue eyes were sparkling and his dark-brown hair fell across his forehead and was practically begging me to brush it away. I resisted that urge.
“Shall we go?” asked Drew holding out his arm to me.
“We shall,” I said smiling as I took his arm and we walked out of my house. “So where are we going?” I asked.
“It's a surprise,” said Drew smiling mysteriously as he held out the car door open for me.
I got in and he closed the door behind me. “A surprise?” I asked when he got into the driver's seat.
“Yep,” he replied cheerfully. “Do you like surprises?” he asked.
“Love them, but I never have any patience for them,” I said laughing.
“Well, you'll just have to have some patience this time,” he said also laughing and carefully steered the car out of my driveway and onto the street.
“Okay, I'll wait, for now,” I said and Drew laughed again.
On the way to wherever it was that we were going, Drew and I had no problems keeping the conversation flowing easily. We had so much stuff in common it was scary. Maybe Angel had been right after all; we just might make the perfect couple.

Drew's point of view

I looked over at Kelly from the corner of my eye and thought once again about how beautiful she looked that night. I was so glad that we were going out. What I never told Angel was that I really liked Kelly and I always wondered if she felt the same way. I didn't want to read her mind and find out basically because I felt that it would be like intruding on her privacy.
“Why are you so quiet all of a sudden?” asked Kelly turning to look at me.
“Nothing, just thinking about some stuff,” I replied smiling at her.
Kelly cocked her head at me. “I wish I knew what was going on in that head of yours,” she said.
I blushed at the thought of her actually knowing my thoughts. “Oh believe me, you don't wanna know,” I said with a nervous laugh.
“Maybe, but you know what I think,” she pointed out.
“Nope, I'm clueless, I think that reading your thoughts is an intrusion of your privacy and I would never want to do that,” I told her.
“Seriously?” she asked.
“Completely,” I said nodding. I steered the car into a parking space. “Okay, we're here,” I announced.
Kelly looked out the window. “Where's here?” she asked confused.
“Where we are,” I replied laughing. “Come on,” I said and got out of the car.
Kelly got out of the car and stood next to me. “Drew, where in the world are we?” she asked once again. We were standing in a wide-open field. There was nothing but grass as far as the eye could see.
“Close your eyes and give me your hand,” I told her. Kelly looked skeptical for a second but did as I asked. I held her hand in mine as I led her to the surprise I had prepared earlier that day.
Right in the middle of the field, I had set up a blanket with a picnic on it. All around it, I sprinkled flower petals and arranged a small bouquet of flowers in a vase in the middle of the blanket.
“Okay, open your eyes,” I said to Kelly. She did and then I heard her gasp from surprise.
“You did all this?” she asked in amazement turning to look at me. I nodded. “But why?” she asked.
“Because I like you, and I wanted our first date to be very special and unique,” I replied. “Do you like it?” I asked.
“Definitely,” she said nodding enthusiastically.
“Let's eat then,” I said grinning. Kelly nodded and we both sat down to enjoy our very first date.

Angel's point of view

“So how do you think their date is going?” I asked Nick.
“Probably very well,” he replied and tightened his arms around me. We were sitting on my couch and watching a movie. Since Drew wasn't home, I managed to escape from my bed, which I was really getting sick of.
“Probably,” I agreed and leaned back against Nick and closed my eyes.
“Tired?” he asked.
“Nope, comfortable,” I responded and smiled.
Nick smiled back. “I have something to tell you,” he said.
“What is it?”
“Well, I'm going on tour in a couple of months and I was wondering if you would like to come with me.”
“Oh Nick, I would love to go with you, but I can't, I have school,” I said disappointed.
“Ang, you forgot, by the time I go on tour, it'll be summer,” he pointed out.
“Oh, well in that case, I'd be happy to,” I said accepting his offer.
“Really?” he asked his eyes shining with excitement.
“Really,” I confirmed and kissed him.
“I'm definitely taking that as a yes,” said Nick grinning after the kiss was over.
“You better,” I told him also grinning widely. “What time is it anyway?” I asked looking around for a clock.
“Twelve thirty,” said Nick looking at his wristwatch.
“No wonder I'm tired,” I said yawning.
“You want me to leave so you can go to sleep?” offered Nick.
“Nah, I like having you around,” I said.
“That's good, cause I like being around you,” he said. I then leaned back against him and closed my eyes once again. Before I knew it, I fell asleep and so did Nick.

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