Chemistry 101

Vanessa Bennett looked wearily out of the chemistry lab window at the fall scenery. Her friend, Wendie Smith noticed that Vanessa wasn't taking lab notes and nudged her back into reality.

"Vanessa, you promised to help me get a good grade on this, pay attention!" Wendie whispered at Vanessa with an urgent tone in her voice.

Wendie looked at the notes that were written on Vanessa's paper. She was angry when she read names instead of chemistry terms. The names Brian and Nick were written all over the sheet of paper along with "Brian + Vanessa" and "Vanessa + Nick."

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Wendie mumbled.

The class bell rang and Wendie and Vanessa slowly gathered up their books and walked out of the classroom towards their lockers.

"I am going to flunk chemistry for sure, thanks a lot, Vanessa. You were supposed to help and you were sitting there drawing and not paying attention, thanks a lot." Wendie sputtered.

"Shoot, Wendie, I got a great idea." Vanessa said as she stopped in the middle of the hall.

"Is this gonna be something that will help me get a good grade so I can make something out of my life and leave this tiny god forsaken town?" Wendie asked.

"Well, yes and no." Vanessa said thoughtfully.

"Yes and no? What are you talking about?" Wendie asked hesitantly. She knew Vanessa always had a plot planned in her head and her ideas were usually not good ones, they usually ended up with one of them getting into trouble with their parents.

"Well, you know about Backstreet Boys coming here on Thursday, right?" Vanessa started out.

"Yeah, so what does that have to do with chemistry and passing the final?" Wendie replied.

"Well, you know how they are famous celebrities and they are not only famous celebrities, they are single celebrities----" Vanessa continued.

"Vanessa! What are you thinking?" Wendie interrupted.

"If there were some way that one of them were to fall deeply in love with us, our problems would be solved." Vanessa smiled.

"So how would one of them falling in love with one of us solve our bad grades?" Wendie asked.

"It's simple, don't you get it? They are rich, we marry one of them and our lives will be completely easy, sitting around the house all day long, shopping at malls." Vanessa tried to convince her friend.

As she turned away, Vanessa called over her shoulder. "Wendie, follow me to the chem lab, we have some potions to mix up."


Nick Carter tossed a plush brown basketball at his friend, Brian. After the ball deflected off his head, Brian bent over and picked the ball up and threw it back at Nick as hard as he could.

Kevin, sitting between the ball toss, reading a newspaper, yelled, "Hey you two, knock it off before someone gets hurt."

Nick and Brian's response was them each throwing a stuffed animal at Kevin simutaneously.

"I hate to interrupt your fun, but he backstage people are starting to come in, you idiots." AJ reprimanded.

Nick walked over to the table where his designated spot was and took a seat. He sat his bottle of water on the table and smoothed the brown cloth out that was covering the table. Nick barely said two words to the other guys once the fans came in. He was too preoccupied with autographs and smiling for pictures.

Vanessa stood in the long line for Nick while Wendie stood in line for Brian. They each held onto the tiny vials of the potion Vanessa made in the chemistry lab. Their plan was to put a few drops in the water bottle when they got closer.

As Wendie got closer to Brian, she could feel her knees shaking from the excitement of getting that close to him. At first she was hesitant in putting anything into his water, but the closer she got towards him and she saw how attractive he was, Wendie decided it was worth the risk. She watched Brian take a drink of water after he finished with a fan. When it was her turn, Brian looked at her and smiled.

"Hi, how are you tonight?"

Just as Wendie was about to reply, Kevin asked Brian a question, which took his attention away from her. Wendie took the vial and quickly squeezed the contents into the water bottle. She looked to her right and left to make sure no one saw what she had done.

"Sorry about that." Brian apologized.

"That's okay. Bet it gets hot out there under those lights and makes you thirsty." Wendie said to Brian to convince him to take a drink of his water.

Brian smiled and nodded. He then picked up the water bottle and took a long drink from it. When he set it back down, he looked back up at Wendie.

Wendie looked into Brian's eyes to see if the potion worked.

"I'm staying at the Sheraton on Magnolia Avenue." Wendie felt silly sayin gthat to Brian, but Vanessa told her it was very important to say that after he drank the potion.

"That's nice." Brian said casually. "I'm sorry, what was your name again?" Brain asked with a pen poised over a photo of himself.

"It's Wendie, Wendie Smith." Wendie replied nervously.

"There ya go Wendie Smith, thanks." Brian said as he signed the picture and handed it back to her.

Wendie walked out the door and waited outside for Vanessa. After twenty minutes, Vanessa appeared.

"So did you have any luck?" Vanessa asked her friend excitedly.

"Um, I don't know for sure. I got the stuff in the bottle and he took a drink and looked at me." Wendie recounted the events to Vanessa.

"Good, that's what he's supposed to do. You remembered to tell Brian your name and where you were staying, right?"

"yeah, but he thought I was a weirdo or something for providing that information and I felt cheap for doing that." Wendie moaned.

"No, this is perfect," Vanessa said as she looked at her watch. "According to my calculations, they will be at the hotel looking for us in roughly two hours. Come on, we have to get to our rooms.


Wendie paced back and forth in the hotel room nervously. "God, Vanessa, what if this works, I'm so scared."

"Scared of what? Of a lifetime of money?" Vanessa laughed at her friend. "You worry too much."

Before Wendie could answer, there was a knock on their hotel room door. Vanessa looked out the peep hole.

"Oh my god! It worked, oh my god!" Vanessa jumped up and down.

Wendie stopped pacing. "Do you mean to tell me that----"

"Yes, Nick Carter and Brian Littrell are standing out in the hallway right now!"

When Vanessa opened the door, she found Nick and Brian standing there, motionless.

Vanessa giggled. "Come on in, don't just stand out there."

Nick and Brian slowly walked into the hotel room. They appeared to be in a daze, no emotions were on their faces.

"Vanessa, they look funny to me." Wendie said as she waived her hand in front of Brian's eyes. Brian just stared into space and blinked when Wendie's hand went in front of his eyes.

"How much did you put in his water, for god sakes?" Vanessa asked Wendie with a disgusted tone in her voice.

"Probably not anymore than what you put into Nick's." As Wendie replied, she jumped up and down in front of Nick only to get the same reaction from him as she did Brian.

"Well, that's okay, it's probably only temporary." Vanessa said as she walked around Nick.

"I've always wanted to do this." Wendie went up to Brian and kissed him on the lips. Wendie pulled back after she kissed him. "Okay, that was different."

"Different, how?" Vanessa asked as she looked Nick over.

"Like no reaction different. I could have been kissing the table as far as I can tell. Brian didn't kiss me back."

Vanessa looked at Brian's zombie-like appearance. "Brian, go sit down on the couch."

Brian obediently turned and walked to the couch and sat down. Smiling, Vanessa ordered Nick to do the same, which he did as commanded.

Vanessa walked over to Nick on the couch. "Nick, I need to use your credit cards."

Nick stood up, pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and produced his mastercard, visa, american express and discover cards and handed them to Vanessa.

"Oh my god, look!" Vanessa squealed.

"This is too freaky." Wendie replied. "Let me try." Wendie walked over to Brian. "Brian, I need a hundred dollars."

Brian stood up, pulled his wallet out of his back pocket and pulled out five twenty dollar bills and handed them over to Wendie.

"Hey, maybe I did this wrong. Brian, kiss me." Wendie asked.

Brian grabbed Wendie around the waist and pulled her towards him and gave her a long, loving kiss. When Brian released Wendie from his embrace, Wendie felt her knees give out.

"Oh, god, I think I'm gonna die." Wendie replied breathlessly.

"Ah, so that's how you do it." Vanessa commented. "Nick, I want you to make love to----"

"VANESSA NO!" Wendie stopped her before she could finish the sentence. "That is not fair to Nick."

"Well, can't a girl at least try?" Vanessa apologized.

"No, you can't. So we're planning on taking Nick and Brian to school with us tomorrow?" Wendie asked.

"Yeah, let's show them off and then we drop out of school, forever!" Vanessa said as she swung herself around the room. She giggled. "Hey watch this!"

Wendie was shocked as she watched her friend stand directly in front of Brian and Nick and undress herself. Brian and Nick sat on the couch, their faces void of emotion.

"Geeze Vanessa, they don't have a clue about you being naked in front of them. You could have been AJ as far as they're concerned.

"Well, I'm ready for bed. Nick, come to bed with me." Vanessa ordered Nick over to her bed. Nick complied without resistance and got into the bed fully clothed, with his shoes on.

Wendie asked Brian to do the same, which he did exactly as Nick had done. Wendie noticed that when she told Brian to go to sleep, he just laid on the bed, his eyes open, staring at the ceiling.

"Um, Vanessa, Brian won't close his eyes."

"Neither does Nick. Goodnight Wendie." Vanessa said sleepily.

"Hellloooo, Vanessa, don't you think something is very wrong here?" Wendie asked angrily.

"They'll eventually fall asleep, quit worrying. Vanessa assured her friend.

Wendie tossed and turned the entire night. She got up twice during the night and looked over at Brian and found him laying on the bed, staring at the ceiling, awake.

Wendie sat up in bed and turned on the television set with the remote control. She dropped the remote onto the bed when she saw a picture of Nick and Brian on the news.

Nick Carter and Brian Littrell of the group, The Backstreet Boys, have been missing from their hotel room since 9 p.m. last night. Although no ransom has been demanded, foul play is suspected. Anyone with information, please contact the Dayton Ohio Police Department.

"Vanessa! Wake up!" Wendie yelled at her friend that was sleeping. Nick was laying beside Vanessa, staring at the ceiling.

"Wha...what, why did you wake me up for Wendie?" Vaness said as she rose up from the bed.

"We have to get rid of Nick and Brian, they are listed as missing persons and oh, god, we are in so much trouble Vanessa. They think they've been kidnapped. We have to get rid of them. Get them out of this spell you have them under." Wendie pleaded.

"Nick and Brian, get up out of bed and go sit on the couch." Vanessa ordered.

Nick and Brian did as they were told. Vanessa stretched and got up and proceeded to get dressed in front of them.

"God, Vanessa, how can you be so crude?" Wendie yelled at her friend.

Once Vanessa and Wendie were dressed, Wendie asked Vanessa how they were going to get out of this mess they were in.

"The only thing that will snap them out of this spell they're under is a drink of Mountain Dew." Vanessa advised.

"Mountain Dew? Are you serious?" Wendie asked.

"Yep, good old Mountain Dew. They each have to take a drink of it." Vanessa said as she played with Nick's hair.

"Vanessa, would cha stop it? I'll go get the dew if you promise to behave yourself." Wendie offered.

Vanessa sighed. "Okay, I'll be a good girl, go."

When Wendie returned from the vending machines, she found Vanessa holding Nick in her arms. Wendie rolled her eyes.

"Okay, now, Wendie, before we do this, you might want to have Brian kiss you one last time, cause once they drink this, they will leave us in a heartbeat, got it?" Vanessa advised.

"Okay." Wendie sighed. "Brian, kiss me." Brian responded with pulling Wendie towards him and giving her a long, tender passionate kiss.

Vanessa ordered Nick to do the same with her. Once they both got their kiss from them, Vanessa opened the cans of soda. Before she had Nick and Brian drink from it, she ran her fingers through the hair on each of their heads.

"Nick, drink." Vanessa ordered.

"Brian, drink." Wendie ordered.

As both boys drank their soda, the girls stood back and waited for the response from them. Sleepily, Nick looked around the hotel room and then over at Brian.

"Where are we?" Nick asked. "And who are you?"

"Just friends, we found you two wandering down on the street and we took you in. You were lost, don't you remember?" Vanessa lied.

"No, sorry I don't." Brian apologized. "Could I use your phone?"

"Sure." Wendie replied sweetly.

"Brian, we should give these girls something, after all, they helped us out here." As Nick spoke he pulled his wallet out of his back pocket. As he opened his wallet up, he noticed his credit cards were missing. "Hey! My cards are gone."

Wendie threw Vanessa a dirty look. Vanessa walked over to the table where Nick's credit cards laid. "Here, Nick, these fell out of your wallet last night."

Nick took the cards from Vanessa and looked at her suspiciously. "Um, thanks." He was wondering how all of his cards fell out of his wallet.

Brian hung the phone up. "Nick, the cab will be here in a few minutes. We should go down and wait for it in the lobby."

As they walked out the door, Nick smiled. "Thanks girls, Brian and I really appreciate all you did for us."

"You're welcome. It's the least we could do for you." Vanessa called out.

After the door closed and Nick and Brian were gone, Wendie sat down on the bed and sighed. "We were so close, Vanessa, so damn close." As Wendie looked over at her friend, she saw that she was looking intently at the newspaper.

"Oh, my god!" Vanessa squealed. "This would be almost too perfect!"

"What?" Wendie asked, half interested.

"N'sync is coming to town next weekend. I wonder if JC would be a little more gullible----"

"NO VANESSA, FORGET IT!" Wendie shouted.