My Stories

updated: *July 11, 2009
~Stories in progress~

Kaos Equals Trouble Nothing ever comes easy for 17 year old Nick Carter unless it comes to trouble.updated: 06/15/07

Reality Check Things aren't the way they should be for Nick and no one is stopping the game. updated: 07/04/05

Undercover Guardians It's BSB in the earlier years....The guys have been ordered to watch over the 16 year old Nick to make sure he stays out of trouble. A task even more unpleasant than they ever could imagine!updated: 03/27/06

Inner Hell Nick makes some wrong choices and now he's paying for it/ with his life. updated: 07/11/09

Against Odds - AJ never made it home after a JNN show. Nick, Howie, Brian and Kevin search for answers. AJ is searching as well but for an acceptance of the circumstances that changed his life in ways that he never thought could happen. updated: 03/19/08

~Swollen Issues Series~

Swollen Issues - Sympathy is hard to come by for Nick when he gets sick during the Japan tour.

Swollen Issues II - things still aren't right for Nick since his return from the Japan Tour. He is sick and needs help but will he get it in time before it's too late? (Sequel to Swollen Issues)

Swollen Issues III - The oncologist has made her final diagnosis. Can Nick come to terms with what she said? How does he help not only himself but the guys, his family and the fans through this difficult time in his life? (Sequel to Swollen Issues II)

~The Magical Beanie Series~

The Magical Beanie - Nick makes a wish on a plush green toy and is in for a big surprise.

The Magical Beanie II - In the previous story AJ unknowingly makes a wish on the beanie, he gets more than he wished for in this story.

The Magical Beanie III - The guys get revenge on the person behind the magic beanie.

The Magical Beanie IV - The hex Nick put on Nsync in the last story has now backfired, what will the guys do to fix this?

The Magical Beanie V - Brian finally has his turn with the beanie baby.

The Magical Beanie VI - Child's Play - the sixth story in the "Magical Beanie Series." Brian's daughter wants her Dad happy again but it is at the expense of the others, all seperated by time and families.

~Finished Stories~

Perfection Striving for perfection sometimes has serious consequences when you're growing up and the youngest in the Swenglish & Carrie.

Look Over Here Dumbass This is a short "challenge" story I wrote for another website. You'll have to read it to find out what it's about.

Final Word A short Nick story based on his new song Payback that I wrote for the Now or Never contest on Backstreet Bauhaus

Myths of a Mall Santa - everyone is in for a shock when Nick puts on "the suit" and discovers how Mall Santas are born.

Altered States - the unexpected and the unexplainable happens to Brian and his world. Brian slowly shuts Nick out, refusing his help but will their strong bond as "brothers" allow this to happen?

Wind Breaker...a short comedy fanfic: Brian...AJ and two fans on an elevator..throw in a few bean burritoes and let the fun begin...

Toured Out - what really goes on before, during and after concerts when the guys are ontour? Do we really want to know?

Nick's Revenge: - Sick of being pushed around by management and his weight problems, Nick decides to take matters into his own hands and prove to them once and for all he can't be bullied, but the plan backfires.

Running From the Truth: - Nick is looking away from the obvious in an abusive relationship.

Link to the Past - Nick winds up in the 1800's after lightening strikes his car. It's a Back to the Future style fanfic.

A Second Chance - Kevin had a terrible family secret that was slowly destroying his life. He makes a decision, but is this one he can live with and the person that he affects?

All I Have To Give - Nick is in a horrible car accident, read to find out how he and his friends and family deal with this. 53 Chapters

Almost Lost - Brianís harness breaks loose causing Brian to fall during a practice.

An Enchanted Lunch - What the boys think is a normal lunch leads them to a very interesting concert performance.

A Rough Ride - a plane trip home from Europe turns out to be more than an average ride.

A Test Of Faith - Nick takes a trip away to be alone. Something happens and now he's more alone than he had planned to be.

Small Town Blues - A mishap onstage lands Nick and Brian in a rural community hosptial.

Small Changes - Nick finds out what it's like to be a kid again.

The Chase - - a game of hide and seek ends up being run from the fans for Nick.

Chemistry 101 - some obsessed fans create a potion to put Brian and Nick under their spell.

Nick Carter's Journal - a peek into what Nick's journal would look like when he's on the road.

Evil Intentions - AJ unknowingly signs a contract to sell his soul to Satan.

Going Solo - AJ wants the fame to himself but goes about it in a bizzare way.

Heartbroken - Howie's breakup with his girlfriend ends in tragic consequences.

Heaven Will Wait - God's calling Nick but he's not ready.

I Hate to Leave - Nick gets sick with pneumonia after a long tour.

In My Shoes - Nick switches bodies with a 17 year old pregnant highschool senior.

The Longest Day - Nick almost chooses the wrong way to solve his problems.

Lost Without You - Brian manages to hide a doctor's diagnosis from the guys.

Past, Present and Future - a Dicken's classic with a BSB twist.

Change of Plans - A trip to the bank during a break on a tour ends up with unexpected challenges for AJ and Howie.

The Art of Deception - Nick gets involved with a girl's obession with an online poser only to lose three weeks of his own life.

Trapped - Something mysterious happens to Brian and all the fingers of blame point to Nick. Can he solve this in time before both his and Brian's lives are changed forever?

Twist of Time - the BSB in the 1800's? Picture AJ on a horse......

Road Service - A vacation for Brian and Nick in Michigan ends up in car trouble and a few unexpected surprises.

Wrong Way - Nick's inablility to read a map leads to some serious consequences for AJ and him.

One Way Ticket - Nick finds his true love on a flight home from Europe.

You Go, I Go - a last minute decision...the consequences of their actions.

Blind Rage - the sequel to You Go, I Go....Terri expected more than she deserved....she'll stop at nothing to achive it....

Bittersweet Revenge - the next in the You Go, I Go Series.....after a year of being terrorized, countless lives are affected...payback....what a bitch!