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This website is dedicated to LFO (Lyte Funkie Ones)! There are several aspects that set LFO aside from the other music acts currently on the charts. Alot of bands out today have music that is entirely pop, where as LFO is based around R&B and Hip hop, but includes pop as well. LFO are truly wonderful guys who show much appreciation to their fans. The three guys contribute equally to the band and write their own music. They put on a show that is strictly about the music and not an image they are trying to create.
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  • The guys have helped me out in more ways than one, and I love them all very much for that. I wanna give special thanks to Brad and Mike Caputo!!

    Check out the concert photos from the front row at several shows I've been to, and to see pics of me with LFO check under LFO encounters.

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    LFO Break-Up Info!

    Rich's NEW band: Bad Mood Mike

    My NEW Bad Mood Mike Website: BMM LOVERS

    Brad's New Project: Sari

    ***Please check out the "Latest News" section for more info on LFO's hiatus, and what the guys are up to...PLEASE FEEL FREE TO LOOK AROUND AND REMEMBER BRAD, RICH, AND DEVIN...FORMALLY KNOWN AS LFO.***


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    • This is an LFO fansite...I am not affiliated with them.
    • I am NOT Brad, Rich, or Devin...please do not send letters for them to me, they will not recieve them.