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Bad Mood Mike

Rich Cronin has now started a new group called Bad Mood Mike. The setup will be something similar to Kid Rock and his band, where Rich will be the main attraction, with his band to back him up. So, from now on out it will be "Rich Cronin and Bad Mood Mike". Here are some Q&A's about the new group I obtained from Cat of the yahoo group OrgasmicCroninBros.

1. Who besides you and your friend Rich is in the band and where is everyone from?
well me and rich are the staples im trying a couple guys on guitar and ill keep tim on the drums these people are not the focus though think of it like kid rock and his band

2. When can we expect BMM to hit air waves?
i really have no idea, i wish i did know but were in a very early stage right now. your support means the world though!!

3. How is the writing and recording process coming along?
it is coming along pretty good im taking my time with all of it. i want to make sure im tottallly psyched about every song on the record and enjoy performing it every night. so its going great but slow at this time.

4. Will there still be Rich Raps in BMM songs?
yeah im sure ill be doing that

5. Have you gotten alot of support from LFO fans for BMM?
ive gotten a good deal of support from people, when more people find out i guess ill see how much support i get. i hope lots!!!!!

6. If you could tell fans anything you wanted about BMM what would it be?
its going to be everything they liked about LFO and more its just a logical growth and ill still sing the songs they like and more.

7. If you could tell fans anything at all... what would it be?
that they mean the world to me, i love being on stage and performing and they make that possible. so i thank them from the bottom of my heart.

If you'd like more info on BMM, join the street team. They have great updated emails frequently.

If you join please send an email to with as the subject. Thanks!

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