Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 8

    Aaron looked up at his sister as she drove to the hotel they were staying at.  "What do you think of Sarah?"  He asked.
    BJ shrugged.  "I don't really know her, Aaron, she seems nice," she said as she turned the corner.  "I don't really know who she is so I can't judge her."
    "She's sixteen, from New Jersey, and she's Brian's new girlfriend," Aaron blurted out.
    "What?!"  BJ exclaimed, nearly running off the road.  She straightened the car and drove into the hotel parking lot before saying anything else.  "She's Brian's girlfriend?"
    "And she's only sixteen?"
    "Yeah, she's younger than you are."
    "Are you sure?"
    "Positive, Brian told me."
    "Whatever happened to 'I'm staying in my own age range because of Leighanne' deal?"
    "I don't know, all I know is that he brought Sarah to Kevin's today and they could barely be kept apart."  Aaron paused as he walked in the hotel with his sister, going to the elevator and pressing the twenty-first floor button.  When they arrived at the floor and Aaron stepped out in the hallway, he looked up at his sister.
    "I don't like her," he said.
    "Why not?  You know that you shouldn't judge people at first glance, we've all taught you that by now.  You'll probably like her more if you get to know her, she seems really nice, and I'm willing to be that I'd like her a lot.  I mean the guys all liked her, and you know that they watch out for each other, so she passed that test, what's not to like about her?"  BJ asked, unlocking the hotel room door to the room she was sharing with her sister, Leslie.
    "I don't know, there's something that I just don't like, I want her to leave," Aaron said, walking in the room and over to the connecting door to his room.
    "Aaron, don't say that, just give her a chance," BJ said, dropping her keys on the bedside table.
    "Give who a chance?"  Leslie asked, looking up from her sheet music.
    "Brian's new girlfriend, I can't stand her," Aaron said before going into his room.  He closed the door behind him and was met with his twin sister, Angel.
    "Brian's got a new girlfriend?  Please tell me she's better than Leighanne," Angel said, stopping from jumping on her bed.
    "I don't know who's worse, Leighanne or Sarah.  Leighanne was six years older, Sarah's eight years younger," Aaron said, walking to his suitcase.
    "She's eight years younger than him?!?  She's sixteen years old?!?"  Angel exclaimed.
    "Yeah, and I don't like her, there's something about her that annoys me so much that I wish she'd go home and stay far away from Brian," Aaron said, collapsing on his bed with his pajamas in his hands.
    "Aaron, give her a chance, I betcha she's really cool, she's younger than BJ, but older than Leslie, she might be cool," Angel said.  "And you remember how mean Leighanne was, does Sarah actually talk to you?"
    "Yeah, but.."
    "Does she talk to you civilly?  Like she does the other guys?"
    "Yes, but, Angel..."
    "But nothing, Aaron, give her a chance, she was already giving you a chance.  Just talk to her, get to know her.  I bet you she's better than Leighanne ever was for Brian," Angel said, getting into bed.  "Now shut-up and let me sleep, twerp, I have to go to a competition tomorrow and if I don't get any sleep because of that stupid nintendo, I'm gonna have to kill you and leave the world with one less pop idol."
    "Yes, sister dear, good night," Aaron said.  He sighed as his sister turned off the light and he got up.  He changed into his pajamas and got into bed, thinking.
    'Well, if I do give her a chance, will she be different from Leighanne?  She was so mean to me, and she was so controlling of Brian.  Is it possible to actually find someone different in her, despite the fact that she's sixteen?'  Aaron asked himself.  'No, she's no different from Leighanne, they're all the same, they all want Brian for what he does, not for who he really is.  She's no different.'  He decided that he wouldn't act any different to her and relaxed, going to sleep.

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