Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 7

    Sarah looked around the streets of Melbourne, searching for her cousin's black car.  'Dammit, Matt, where are you?'  She asked herself as she paced along the sidewalk.  It was after eleven o'clock and she'd been waiting since five of for Matt to pick her up.  She was getting slightly scared, she knew if she and Matt weren't home soon, Vicki and her mother would start to worry and such.
    "Are you sure he said eleven o'clock?"  Brian asked her, sitting on the bumper of his car.
    "Positive, we agreed on eleven and now I'm starting to worry.  I mean, I don't really know how trustworthy Matt is, but if he's smart, he'll pick me up and take me back so he doesn't get in trouble by both his mother and mine," Sarah said, stopping next to him.
    Brian took her hand and Sarah couldn't help but smile.  Over the last two hours, he'd made her feel so much better than she had before, she'd missed him so much and he had made it apparent that he'd missed her.  They talked for a long time and they'd decided on many things, including that their relationship could survive.  They'd talked about Nick, Aaron, and about what each other's parents would say.  Sarah knew her mother would not be
incredibly happy that she was seeing someone so much older, and Brian had confessed that his mother wouldn't be too happy either, but she would accept it, she'd once said that she would accept anything as long as Brian was
happy.  Sarah hoped that she would keep her word.
    "If he isn't here soon, I'll take you myself," Brian promised.
    "How if neither of us know the way?"  Sarah asked him, moving closer to him and letting him wrap his arms around her.
    "Well, then, we'll check the phone book or we'll drive around until you recognize something.  Somehow, we'll get you back there and you won't get in any trouble because your mother and cousin will absolutely adore me and you won't have any trouble convincing them that I am the best man out there for you simply because I cannot help but love this enchantingly beautiful, wonderfully smart woman in front of me," he said, laughing at his own babbling.
    Sarah laughed and wrapped her arms around his neck.  "And I will have to tell them about this devastatingly handsome man who swept me off my feet and made me feel like no other ever could or ever will.  You make me feel whole, like I'm someone who can conquer the world simply because you believe I can," she said. She closed her eyes as Brian kissed her and let herself get lost in him.  They stopped kissing after a few moments and just stood there together, him holding her in his arms, each randomly saying things to each other every once in a while.  Sarah started feeling tired, her eyes wanted to close, but Brian kept talking to keep her awake.
    "Come on, let's sit in the car for a little while, my back hurts from leaning on this," Brian said, patting Sarah's arm.  Sarah opened her eyes and looked around, remembering where she was, and stood up straight, yawning.
She let Brian lead her to the car door, sitting in the front passenger seat.  She leaned her head back as Brian got in beside her in the driver's seat.
    "Yeah, Sarah?"
    "Can you sing to me, please?"  Sarah asked, looking at Brian.  She covered her mouth as she yawned again and saw Brian shake with laughter.
    "Sure, what do you want me to sing?"  He asked.
    "Surprise me, but no *NSync or Britney Spears," she warned, closing her eyes.
    Brian laughed again.  "Ok, how aboutâ?¦" He trailed off and Sarah smiled as he started singing 'No One Else Comes Close'.
    "When we turn out the lights, the two of us alone together, something's just not right, but girl you know I'll never let another's touch come between the two of us.  Cause no one else could ever take your place.  Cause no one
else comes close to you, no one makes me feel the way you do, you're so special, girl, to me, and you'll always be, eternally.  Everytime I hold you near, you always say the words I long to hear.  Girl with just a touch, you
can do so much, no one else comes close."
    Sarah relaxed at the sound of the familiar lyrics and started letting it lull her to sleep.  She knew she should stay up and wait for Matt, but she was very tired and that song always made her feel so much better.
    "And when I wake up to the touch of your head on my shoulder, you're my dream come true, and girl you know I'll always treasure every kiss, and every day, I'll love you, girl, in every way.  And I always will cause in my eyes,
no one else comes close to you, no one makes me feel the way you do, you're so special, girl, to me, and you'll always be, eternally.  Everytime I hold you near, you always say the words I long to hear.  Girl with just a touch,
you can do so much, no one else comes close."
    Sarah was near asleep when Brian finished the second verse, but heard the roar of a car engine outside.  She forced her eyes open and saw her cousin's car coming up behind them in the side view mirror.
    "I'll be the Queen of England," Sarah said to herself, sitting up.  She watched Matt's car pull up in front of Brian's and she got out.
    "Stay here," she said to Brian before closing her door.  She walked up to the driver's side of Matt's car as he got out.
    "Who's that?"  Matt asked, gesturing to Brian.
    "Nevermind that, where the hell have you been?  Dammit, Matt, its nearly midnight and you promised to be here at eleven.  I've been here for an hour waiting for your sorry ass and all you can say is who is that?  What the hell
is your problem?!"  Sarah exclaimed, upset.  She was furious that Matt was so late, and she was probably going to get in trouble for it.
    "I'm sorry, look, Danny and Alex went a little over board on the drinking and I had to take them home.  I couldn't do anything about it, and I already got ratted out by Alex's girlfriend for letting him drink, so don't you start too," Matt said, raking his hands through his hair.
    "I am going to start, goddammit, it's nearly twelve!  I don't know when you told Vicki and my mom we were going to be back at, but either way they're going to be pissed as hell and I'll get blamed for it!  I was going to have Brian drive me back, but there are two problems with that, being that I'd be arriving without you and that I don't know how to get there.  So what we have to do is either work on our communication skills or get a cell phone or beeper so I know what the hell you and your assholes for friends are doing and when you're going to be where you say you're going to be in the first place," she said, angry.
    "Whoa, calm down, Sarah," Matt said, backing away from her.
    "Sarah, baby, take a deep breath," Brian said from behind her.  Sarah followed his instructions and felt him wrap his arms around her.  "Its ok, he's here and he's going to explain exactly what happened to your mother and Vicki so you won't get in any trouble and it'll all be fine and dandy, ok?"  He said soothingly, rocking her back and forth.
    "Who the hell are you?"  Matt demanded.
    "Matt, that is no concern of yours, but I'm going to tell you anyway simply because I don't feel like fighting with you anymore.  This is Brian, my boyfriend, and if you tell my mom or Vicki that he was here, I will make your life a living hell for as long as possible," Sarah said, closing her eyes and leaning back against Brian's chest.  She felt tired, so tired.
    Brian knew.  "Come on, baby, let's get you into Matt's car and then you can go home and get to sleep, I know how plane rides are, they take all the energy out of you," he said, shaking her slightly to wake her up.  He led her
to the passenger side of the black Camero and helped her in, kneeling at the door before closing it.
    "Thank you, sweetie," Sarah said, raising her hand to his face and running her thumb over his jaw line.
    "No problem, honey, you go home and get some sleep, call me tomorrow on my cell when you wake up, ok?"  Brian kissed her forehead and closed the passenger side door.  Sarah leaned her head back against the seat and could hear Brian's and Matt's muffled voices outside the car, but she couldn't make out what they were saying.  She dismissed it all as Matt got in the car and started to drive away.  They were both quiet until Matt stopped at a light at an empty intersection.
    "What is with Brian, why is he so protective of you, and why did you say I can't say anything to your mother or my mom?"  Matt asked.
    "I said you can't say anything because neither know about him.  He's protective because he's just like that, he's been that way for the last six months, ever since we first started going out," Sarah said, her eyes still closed.  She felt the car start moving again and made no move to open her eyes.
    "When did you meet him?"
    "About a year and a half ago."
    "What does he do that he has such a nice car and a cell phone?"
    "He's in the entertainment business, he makes a lot of money."
    "What exactly does he do?"
    "He writes songs and sings."
    "How old is he?"
    "What is this, twenty questions?!"  Sarah exclaimed as they pulled into the driveway.
    "Just answer me, how old is he?"  Matt said, looking at her.
    Sarah sighed and reached for the door handle.  "Twenty-four," she answered as she opened the door.  She walked to the door and used the key she was given to open it.  She was met by Vicki, but not her mother.
    "Where have you been?"  Vicki asked quietly.  "I convinced your mother to go to sleep, but I'm quite a different story."
    Sarah gestured back to Matt, who was just coming in the door.  "Ask him, I'm going to bed, I'm exhausted.  Good night, Vicki," she said, kissing her cousin on the cheek.  She walked upstairs and into her room after peeking in her mom's room.  Her mom was fast asleep, thank God.  Sarah walked into her room and over to the bay windows, looking outside at the dark backyard.  She opened the balcony door and walked outside, hugging herself as the cold air hit her.  The breeze from the ocean not far from her blew in and made everything feel even cooler at night.  Sarah stood out there, looking up at the bright stars before going to bed.  She wished on the brightest star she could find and thanked it also.
    She thanked it for letting her see Brian.

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