Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 19

    "Three.... two.... one... Happy New Year!"
    Sarah smiled at Brian as they heard the cheering from below them.  "Happy New Year," she said.
    "Happy new millennium," he replied, pulling her closer to him.
    Sarah welcomed his kiss and got lost in her thoughts of him.  She ran her fingers through his unruly curly hair, pulling his head closer to her.  She felt his hands travel down her back and finally rest at her waist, pulling her body closer to his.  She felt his body press against hers and nearly laughed as he started tugging at her shirt.
    "Brian, we can't do that here," she said, breaking away from him and taking his hands from her shirt.
    "Please?"  Brian asked, looking in her eyes.  "I want to enjoy you during the first moments of the new millennium, make love to you because I love you so much and I want to show you just how much I love you."
    Sarah shook her head as he moved closer for another kiss.  "No, not here. There's too big a chance that someone will catch us, too many people.  There're the guys, Jane, Aaron, Angel, Leslie, BJ, and Matt.  Not to mention that we, uh, don't have anything with us?  And this isn't even either of our houses, we could get in major trouble for this," she protested.
    Brian put on the puppy dog face and leaned his forehead against hers.  "Please?"  He begged, sticking out his lower lip and looking pathetic.
    Sarah giggled and kissed Brian's nose.  "No, I'm sorry, not here."
    "Then why don't we go some place else?"  Brian suggested.
    "Where?  We can't go to my house, my mother and cousin are there.  We can't go to yours, your parents are there.  Where do you suggest we go, a shack?"  Sarah asked exasperatedly.
    Brian's face turned into that grin, the mischievous grin he got whenever he got an idea.  Sarah knew that grin and most of the time, loved it, but for some reason, she didn't like the way it looked.
    "Brian, what idea just came into your head?"  Sarah asked cautiously.
    Brian pulled Sarah closer to him, pressing her body to his.  "I was just thinking about how close the ocean is and how many private beaches are nearby, beaches that have plenty of cover," he said, running his hands down
Sarah's body and kissing her neck lightly.  He rested his hands at the top of her jeans, hooking his fingers on the belt loops.  "We could go there, stare at the stars, it would only be us, the moon, and a blanket or two that will
keep us away from the sand," he whispered, intensifying his kisses on her neck.
    "Hmm, it does sound like a good idea, but there's two problems with that. No, three," Sarah said, tilting her head to the side.
    "What's that?"  Brian asked, kissing the soft spot on Sarah's neck.
    "Hmm, well, one, we have to leave for that, requiring us to go downstairs.  Two, as soon as anyone sees us, they're liable to kill us for disappearing like that.  Three, when or if we finally get to the beach, what if we fall asleep out there, I wouldn't want someone to find us sprawled on a blanket stark naked, knowing our luck they'll recognize you and take pictures."
    Sarah heard Brian chuckle and she opened her eyes as he moved away from her neck.
    "Tell you what, how about we go downstairs, say goodbye to everyone, then we'll stop at your house and mine, yours to get some clothes, mine to get the blanket and something else.  Then we'll go to a nice, secluded beach that I know of.  No one will find us, but we'll leave before they have the chance to in the first place, ok?"  Brian suggested.
    Sarah pondered the idea for a moment, looking outside at the stars and at the lights in people's houses, people celebrating, each in their own way.
    "Ok, let's go," she finally said.  She smiled as Brian pulled her to the door of the room and down the stairs.  They ran into the living room where everyone was sitting.
    "Hey, where have you two been, we looked everywhere for you!"  Jane exclaimed.
    "Hiding, they were trying to keep us apart," Brian said, wrapping his arm around Sarah's shoulders.
    "You weren't sleeping, were you?"  Kevin asked him.
    Sarah looked up at Brian, confused, and he shook his head.  "No, I wasn't.  We're going, guys, we'll be back in a little while," he said.
    "Where're you going?"  Aaron asked.
    Sarah smiled at the little blonde boy as he walked over to her.  "No where special, Aaron, we'll be back before you know it," she said, ruffling his slightly shaggy haircut.
    "Hey, hey, don't mess with the hair," Aaron said, fixing the few locks that were out of place.  Everyone laughed and AJ walked up with two glasses of champagne.
    "Here you go, Bri, Happy New Years," he said, handing one glass to him.  AJ looked at Sarah.  "I would give you some, but you're underage, that's a no-no," he said, sipping from his glass.
    Sarah smiled and shook her head.  "That's ok, I don't mind," she said.  She looked at Brian, who was looking at the glass he was holding, not drinking any.   "What's wrong?"  She asked.
    Brian looked at her.  "I'm driving, I don't want to be drinking anything," he said.
    "A sip isn't going to hurt, Brian," AJ said.
    Sarah watched as Brian looked skeptically at the glass of champagne, then took a sip.  He looked at Sarah and widened his eyes.
    "Wow, that's what I got to say, wow," he said.
    Sarah laughed and took the glass from him.  "Come on, wow boy, we're going," she said.  She looked curiously at the glass she was holding, then back at Brian. "Does this taste any different than that wine?"  She
    Brian nodded.  "Yeah, it's not as strong," he whispered back.
    Sarah sipped the champagne and shrugged.  "Not that bad.  Bye everybody!" She said, handing the glass back to a stunned AJ.  She and Brian walked outside and to his car, looking out the window as they passed through the
town.  He pulled up to his house first and hurried inside, coming out about five minutes later carrying two blankets, a sweatshirt, and a little box.  Sarah looked at him curiously as he handed the small box to her.
    "Don't open it yet, you'll have to wait," he said, smiling.  He drove to her house and she put the box on her seat.
    "I'll be right back, don't you disappear on me," she said, opening her door.  She smiled at him and walked up to the house, opening the front door and walking in.
    "Who is that?"  Her mother demanded as she walked in the hallway.
    "Who is who?"  Sarah asked, slightly confused.  She waited for an answer as she walked up the stairs and to her room, grabbing a long-sleeved shirt and a sweatshirt.  She exchanged the black shoes she was wearing for sneakers and turned back to face her mother in the doorway.
    "Who is that who dropped you off and is apparently waiting for you?"  She asked, crossing her arms.
    "Oh, that's Brian, you met him, right?  Well, I realized when I got to BJ's that I didn't have any clothes and he volunteered to drive me back here and get some," Sarah said, not really lying.  She was going to spend the
night at Nick's, and BJ was there, and it was her brother's house, so technically it was her house.  Sarah tried to get past her mother, but didn't succeed.
    "Where are you going now?"
    "Back to BJ's, I wasn't going to come here and expect Brian to wait outside while I slept, he's taking me back," Sarah said.  She finally got into the hallway and hurried to the stairs.
    "How old is Brian?"
    Sarah froze at the bottom of the stairs and looked up at her mother.  She walked to the front door, then took a deep breath.
    "He's twenty-four," she said.  She opened the front door and hurried outside, jumping in Brian's car.
    "You got everything?"  Brian asked.
    Sarah nodded.  "Yeah, just go," she said.  She relaxed marginally as Brian drove away from the house, then relaxed even more as he parked in front of a beach, the waves crashing in front of them.  She grabbed her sweatshirt and the little box Brian had given her and got out.  Brian met her at the head of the car, holding the blankets in one hand and reaching his hand out the other to take Sarah's hand.  She gratefully accepted the invitation and they walked together on the sand, walking to the left of where they parked, passing many sand dunes and noticing that the parking lot and board walk ended above them.  It was just beach and water, nothing else.  In the distance, Sarah could see beach houses that still had lights on, but they were very far away.  Brian finally stopped her and spread out the blanket, sitting down and pulling her into his lap.
    "First, open the box," he said to her, hugging her around her waist.
    Sarah nodded and took the box out from her pocket, then opened it. Inside was a smaller box, a black velvet jewelry box.  Sarah turned the box upside down and tapped out the jewelry box, then turned it over in her hands.
She opened it and gasped, inside was a beautiful ruby Claddagh ring.
    "I figured that when I sent you those tickets as a Christmas present, it was more of a present to me than to you, so decided to get you something else.  So here you go, Merry Christmas," Brian said, gesturing to the box in
Sarah's hand.
    "I... I.... Brian, I can't accept this, it must've cost a fortune," Sarah said, handing the box to him.
    Brian shook his head and took the ring out of the box.  "You can too accept it, I don't care what it cost and neither should you, just think of it as an attempt to compare to the beauty that you hold inside.  Feeble attempt,
but they always try," he said, slipping the ring on her middle finger of her left hand.
    Sarah smiled and transferred the ring to her ring finger of the same hand, pointing the heart tip in.  "Why not make it look like I'm taken, my heart already is," she said.
    Sarah kissed Brian gently and felt him deepen it.  She laid back on the blanket beneath them, feeling him crawl on top of her and run his hands down her body.  She felt him unfasten the buttons on her jeans and started to work
on his pants.  He helped her take his pants off and he kissed down her body, careful to not hurt her in anyway.  She closed her eyes as he lifted the bottom of her shirt and kissed her stomach lightly, sucking the spot next to
her navel.  She felt him pull off her jeans and climb back on top of her, kissing her neck and tugging at her shirt.  She helped him take it off and pulled his shirt off of him.  She kissed him as he reached for his pants and
pulled something out of the pocket.  She sat up as he sat up on his knees and she tugged at his boxers.  He pulled them off and she pulled off her underwear and unclasped her bra, waiting as he put on the condom.  She kissed him as he moved closer to her and laid back, feeling him as he pressed against her, then entered her.  She gasped, he always surprised her when he did that.  She kissed his neck to keep herself from making too much noise and dug her nails into his back as he quickened his pace.  They both reached climax at the same time and she let out a small moan.  She kissed his lips gently as he looked at her and played with the hair on the back of his head, threading the curls through her fingers.  She hugged him as he laid on top of her, kissing her neck and chest softly.  She closed her eyes and felt him inside of her, the feeling that gave her so much pleasure.  She felt him pull out and felt slightly disappointed, she loved the way he made her feel.  He pulled her close to him and she pulled the second blanket over the two of them, looking up at the stars above.  She stared at them, wondering what made them so different from the stars she saw in New Jersey.  She knew they were the same stars, but that there was something different with them.
    "I love you, Sarah," Brian whispered, gently combing his fingers through her hair.
    Sarah smiled, that was what made them different, Brian was looking at them with her, everything was different when they were together.
    "I love you too, Brian," she whispered back, letting her hand gently run over his chest.  She fingered the thick scar as she passed over it and rested her hand on it.  It was a large, five-inch scar from his heart surgery, a
scar that would never go away, but he always joked that it was a manly scar.  Sarah felt bad when she thought about it, she could never imagine being in that sort of position or condition he was in.  She leaned forward and kissed the scar gently, believing the saying she was always told.
    "I kissed it, that'll make it better," Sarah said quietly, smiling up at Brian.
    Brian smiled back down at her and chuckled.  "You restored it whole, the only reminder that anything ever happened is a song," he said.  He sat up and pulled his sweatshirt over his head and pulled Sarah on his lap, wrapping her in the blanket.
    "A song?"  Sarah asked, curling up on his lap.
    Brian nodded.  "Have you ever heard the song 'That's What She Said'?"  He asked.
    Sarah looked down at the sand, then back up at Brian.  "I believe I might've, sing it, I'll know it that way."
    Brian nodded and hugged her closer to him, holding her cradle style.  "There are people who say what you want to hear.  Even on a rainy day, they tell you the sky is clear.  When you really, really love someone, am I right
to say that you want them near?  Even if you can't always tell the things that they wanna hear.  Always, forever, all the things she said, never say never, those simple lies that she fed, I will never leave you, all the love I thought she had.  But can you blame me, no, 'cause that's what she said.  That's what she said, she told me we'd see forever, that's what she said, oh, oh, oh, yeah.  That's what she said, she told me we'd see forever, oh, that's
what she said," he sang quietly.
    Sarah nodded, recognizing the song.  "That's a beautiful song, but its so sad," she said.
    Brian nodded and reached for Sarah's sweatshirt, helping her put it on.  "Yes, it is, I wrote it when I was very sad," he said.
    "You wrote it?  Brian, whatever happened to make you hurt so bad as to write something like that?"  Sarah asked, worried instantly.  She watched as he pulled on his boxers and pants, then handed her her underwear and jeans.  She got dressed quickly and slipped her bra on underneath the sweatshirt she was wearing, then hugged herself, feeling cold from the breeze coming in from the ocean.
    "She hurt me, much more than I ever thought I'd hurt," Brian said simply, picking up the two blankets and shaking the sand out of them.  Sarah watched as he folded the blankets and gathered anything else of theirs.
    "You mean, she broke your heart?"  Sarah finally asked when they reached Brian's car.
    He nodded, putting the blankets in the back of the car and pulled her close, kissing her.  "Let's not talk about that, I'm a little tired," he said.
    Sarah nodded and walked around to her side of the car, getting in.  They both sat in comfortable silence to Nick's house and walked in together when they arrived.  They found Aaron and Angel collapsed on the living room couch, Leslie on the recliner, about to fall asleep herself, and Jane on her way upstairs.  The guys, Matt, and BJ were all in the kitchen, talking quietly, and Sarah and Brian just stopped in to say good night.  They walked upstairs to the guestroom they were in before and both laid down on the bed.  Sarah relaxed next to Brian as he pulled her close to him and closed her eyes, trying not to think.  She fell asleep after a good hour and a half of trying
not to think, long after Brian had fallen asleep.

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