Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 20

    Brian woke up to a soft knocking at the door.  He looked down at Sarah and saw that there was no way he could get up without waking her.
    "Come in," he called quietly.
    The door opened and Aaron peeked in.  "Brian?"  He whispered.
    Brian smiled.  "Hey, Airboy, what's up?"
    Aaron walked in the room quietly, closing the door behind him, and stood next to the bed, looking down at Brian and Sarah.  "Is she still asleep?"  He whispered.
    Brian nodded, looking down at her, and resting his hand on Sarah's back, feeling her body move with each breath.  "Yeah, she was really tired last night."  He looked back up at Aaron and at the look on his face, a look that
could only be described as curious.  "What's on your mind, Airboy?"
    "Do you love Sarah?"  Aaron asked.
    Brian nodded without a second's hesitation.  "Yes, I do, I love her very much."
    "Does she love you?"
    "How did you know when you loved her?"
    "Well, it started when I first started talking to her.  I fell in love with a personality, though I tried to convince myself otherwise.  I figured that I'd never see her, so I didn't have to be in love and that I wasn't, it was just a longing for companionship that I didn't have with one of the people on tour.  I wanted something that Leighanne should've given me, but never did.  Then when I finally met Sarah in person, I saw that she was a beautiful person outside as well as in, and the short week I was there, I fell in love with her as a person.  We like a lot of the same things, have a similar sense of humor, and we're just so compatible that we never fight.  The way that I knew I was in love with her was when I couldn't not be around her.  If she and I weren't together in the same room, I felt empty, alone,
and it hurt inside.  But when she and I were together, I felt whole, different, wanted and loved.  All the pain I'd ever felt inside was gone because she made me feel better, that's when I knew I loved her."
    "Because she made you forget your pain?"
    "She made me feel whole, there was no pain to be forgotten when she was around."
    Aaron wrinkled his nose and looked down at the ground, playing with the edge of the sheet.  He looked back up at Brian.  "Did you sleep with her?"
    "You shouldn't be asking that, Aaron."
    "It's a simple question, did you sleep with her?"
    "That's none of your business, you're starting to sound like AJ."
    "Just answer a yes or no, then I'll leave," Aaron said.
    Brian sighed and looked down at Sarah, pulling a piece of her hair through his fingers and looping it around and around his index finger.  "Yes, I did," he finally said, looking up at Aaron.
    "Ok, breakfast is downstairs if you want it, pancakes and syrup," Aaron said, walking back to the door.  He walked out and closed the door behind him quietly, not saying anything.
    "Ok, that was weird," Brian said to himself.  He looked back down at Sarah and rubbed her back gently, not really trying to wake her up, just to soothe her.
    "I don't know what is better, being with you when we're awake, or being with you when we're asleep," Sarah mumbled a few minutes later.
    Brian smiled.  "I prefer when we're awake so we can have some fun and I can see your beautiful eyes, but when we're asleep does have its advantages."
    Sarah chuckled and looked up at him.  "Such as?"  She asked.
    Brian grinned and rolled her over, crawling on top of her.  "Such as that I can find every beautiful curve on your body, admire your beauty without having to exclaim about it, and then there's the best part of all."
    "Which would be?"  Sarah asked from beneath him, giggling.
    "That no one else is around so I don't have to share you," he said, straddling her legs and bending down, kissing her neck.  He broke the serious mood by tickling her.
    "Brian!  Stop, I can't move!"  Sarah exclaimed, trying to grab his hands.
    "Nope, nope, nope," Brian said, tickling her sides and squeezing his legs together so she couldn't move away from him.
    Sarah shrieked and tried to move beneath Brian, only succeeding to squirm around and make herself more uncomfortable.  Brian tickled her sides, her stomach, and held her tight, not wanting to let her go.
    "Stop, stop, I can't breath!"  Sarah managed to squeeze out.  Brian finally stopped and got off from on top of her.  He sat next to her and watched as she sat up and breathed heavy.
    "Its too hot in here," she said finally, fanning herself with her hand.
    Brian smiled and gestured to her sweatshirt.  "You could take your sweatshirt off, that might be the problem."
    Sarah looked at him and shook her head.  "No, I am not gonna let you con me into that again, no way, I'll just have to survive," she said, shaking her finger at him.  She lay back on the bed and closed her eyes.
    Brian leaned forward and pulled the edge of the sweatshirt up slightly.  He kissed her stomach lightly, slowly inching the shirt up as he kissed up her body.  He finally got the shirt off of her and kissed her back down her
body, kissing softly.
    "Brian, we can't do this, not now," Sarah whispered.
    "Just don't say anything," Brian said, kissing her navel.  He started unbuttoning her jeans and pulled them off of her, running his hands down her legs slowly, then coming back up to her body.  He kissed back up her body and
stopped at her neck, kissing more intensely and pulling at her bra strap.
    "Yo, you guys up?"  Nick called from the hallway, pounding on the door.
    Brian practically jumped off of Sarah and handed her the sweatshirt lying next to her on the bed.  "Uh, yeah, Nick, we're coming."
    "Come on, then, my mom cooked us all breakfast and everyone else is already up," Nick said, opening the door.
    Brian practically winced as Nick came in the room, then looked back at Sarah, who was pulling a brush through her hair carefully.  "What?  Why are you two looking at me like that?"  She asked calmly, tossing the brush on the
    Brian nearly sighed with relief and looked back at Nick.
    "No reason," Nick said.  He shrugged and walked out of the room, leaving the door open.  As he left, Brian heard Sarah sigh and collapse on the bed behind him.
    "I don't think I've ever gotten dressed that fast," Sarah said.
    Brian chuckled and walked over to her, holding out his hands to her.  "You're just so amazing," he said.
    "I wouldn't be so amazing if it weren't for you," she said.
    "Really?  That's sweet of you to say," Brian said, pulling her into a hug.
    "No, I mean I wouldn't be so amazing 'cause I wouldn't get dressed that fast if you'd listened to me!"  Sarah exclaimed, breaking out of his grasp and running for the door.
    "Hey!"  Brian exclaimed, chasing her.  He chased her downstairs and caught her as she ran into the kitchen.
    "Gotcha!"  He exclaimed, laughing, holding her around her waist.
    "Lemme go, silly!"  Sarah said, laughing hard.
    Jane looked up from where she was sitting at the island counter.  "You two, knock it off, don't play in the kitchen, and no running in the house.  You want to run, there's a nice big backyard through that door," she said, pointing to the backdoor.
    "Sorry, Mom," Brian said, letting go of Sarah's waist and looking down.
    "Yeah, sorry, it won't ever happen again, promise," Sarah promised quietly, acting like a child.
    Brian heard Jane start to chuckle, and then start to laugh and he smiled, looking up.
    "You two are definitely two of a kind," she said, shaking her head.
    Brian grinned and leaned forward, putting his arms on Sarah's shoulders.  "Aren't we though?"  He asked goofily, making a face.
    "Stop making faces at my mother and come have breakfast," BJ called from the dining room.
    Brian watched as Sarah walked into the dining room and he walked over to Jane, giving her a hug.
    "Thanks, Jane."
    "You're welcome, Brian, but for what?"  Jane asked, hugging him back, a little surprised.
    "For being the best," Brian said simply.  He walked into the dining room and sat on Sarah's left side, grabbing her hand.  He ate with his left hand with difficulty until Sarah noticed.
    "Do you want to let go of my hand so you can eat?"  She asked.
    Brian shook his head.  "No, I'm doing ok."
    Sarah shook her head.  "Switch seats with me and hold my other hand," she said, standing up.
    Brian followed her directions and watched as she moved her fork from the right side of the plate to the left.
    "Hey, now you can't eat that well," he said.
    Sarah shook her head.  "No, I always eat with my left hand, I was just eating with my right because you were holding my left hand."
    "You're a lefty?"  Kevin asked from his place across the table from them.
    Sarah shook her head.  "No, I'm ambidextrous, I naturally eat like a lefty, sweep like a lefty, and I can do anything with my left hand except for stirring and writing."
    Kevin looked at her as he chewed, and Brian burst out laughing at his cousin's expression.
    "What's so funny?"  Sarah asked.
    Brian pointed to Kevin and Sarah looked at him, then back at Brian, and again at Kevin.
    "Is it just me or did that make no sense?"  She asked him.
    "Its not you, its Brian, he doesn't make sense, period," Kevin said.
    "Hey!"  Brian exclaimed, kicking his cousin under the table.
    "Hay is for horses," Nick and Sarah said at the same time.
    "That's my saying!"  Nick exclaimed.
    "No its not, I've always said that," Sarah protested, dropping her fork.
    "No, mine!"
    "It's neither of your sayings!"  Aaron yelled.
    Everyone looked at the little blonde boy as he walked in the dining room.
    "Its mine!"  He exclaimed, laughing and running out of the room.
    "Mine!"  Nick and Sarah yelled after him.
    "Children!"  Jane yelled from the kitchen.
    "Sorry, Mom!"  Nick and Sarah said at the same time.
    "You two have to stop talking at the same time, its freaking me out," Brian said, shaking his head at the whole exchange.
    "But it's fun!"  Sarah said.
    "Yeah, no one can do that except for BJ and she's too busy flirting with Matt to pay any attention," Nick said, gesturing to his sister and Sarah's cousin.  They were sitting next to each other on Brian's other side, talking
    "Hey, stop that," BJ said, suddenly realizing that he was talking about her.
    "Hay is for horses," Brian, Nick, Sarah, and AJ said.
    "I didn't say hay, I said hey, there's a difference," BJ said, gesturing with her fork.
    Everyone laughed and Brian pushed his empty plate away from in front of him, he was full.
    "Sarah, we have to go," Matt said.
    Brian looked next to him and at the pained look on Sarah's face.  "Do we have to?"  She asked.
    Matt nodded as he stood up.  "Yup, come on, let's go," he said.
    Sarah sighed and Brian stood up, holding her hand and pulling her to her feet.  He led her to the front door, walking slowly as she called her good byes to everyone.
    "Call me when you get home tonight?"  Sarah asked him.
    Brian nodded and pulled her closer to him.  "You bet, around seven, ok?"
    Sarah nodded and wrapped her arms around his neck.  "Thank you."
    "You're welcome," Brian replied, smiling as he wrapped his arms around her waist.  He leaned down and kissed her gently, savoring the moment.
    "I love you," Sarah whispered as they broke apart.
    "And I you," Brian whispered back, leaning his forehead on hers.  He let her go as Matt came in the room and looked at them.  He watched as the two walked out of the house, going to Matt's Camero sitting across the street.
Brian waited until they drove away and then turned around, coming face to face with BJ.
    "I know that Matt and I will be separated by a lot of distance when I leave, and we promised to keep in touch, but what about you and Sarah?  What will happen when she has to leave?"  BJ asked quietly.
    Brian sighed.  "I don't know, hopefully we'll keep the relationship going like we did for the last six months, I just don't know when I'll be able to see her.  I wish I could just hop a plane and go see her during the next few weeks we have off, but I can't, I'm still on probation from when I did that in Germany."
    BJ walked over to him and gave him a hug.  "The only thing I can say is something Sarah said to me the day I met her.  I at first thought it was rather out of place, but then I figured out that she was telling me something
that I will remember for a long time, something that will help me in a lot of things."
    "What's that?"  Brian asked.
    "Believe in something that can't happen and it's a fantasy, believe in something that can happen and it's a dream," BJ recited.  "Your fantasy to become someone became a dream, and then reality, Aaron and Nick's fantasies of becoming performers became dreams, and then reality, my fantasies are slowly becoming dreams, which will soon turn to realities.  If you believe in your relationship, it won't be a fantasy when you two are apart, rather a dream.  Dreams come true, as long as you believe they will," she said.  She walked out of the room and Brian stood alone, thinking about what she said.

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