Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 15

    Sarah sat down at the table and saw the expression on Brian's parents' faces.  Though they tried to cover it up, she still saw it.
    Already they didn't like her.
    She tried to smile and laugh along with Brian, trying to forget what she'd seen, but she couldn't.  It was incredibly hard to smile and laugh after that, but she tried and found that her acting experience from so long ago had come in handy.  She smiled and made it through the friendly conversation, barely being able to hold in the tears.  verytime she looked at Brian, she couldn't look in his eyes.  She knew that if she did, she would cry.
    And he knew that she felt that way.
    She survived through the meal, then she and Brian walked with his parents to the living room and sat down.  It was hard for her to look anyone in the eye, she felt so let down.  Could they have made their surprise any more
apparent?  They acted friendly, but what were they thinking inside?
    "Excuse me," Sarah said finally, getting up from her seat next to Brian on the couch.  She hurried out of the room and upstairs, finally letting go of her tears when she got upstairs.  She heard Brian run after her, and
someone run after him.  He stopped outside of his room and Sarah could hear their conversation.
    "Brian, what is wrong?"
    "I don't know, Ma, maybe that she saw the look you gave Dad when we came down together?"  Brian asked sarcastically.
    "Calm down, Brian, it was only because we were shocked to see how young she is.  I mean, you gave everyone your word a few months ago that you would never date anyone out of your age range and now you have someone who is about five years younger than you?  She's young enough to be your sister, Nick's twin, its contradictory."
    "She's not five years younger than me."
    "Then how old is she?"
    "I'm sixteen," Sarah said as she opened the door.  She shouldered the bag that she'd brought with her and crossed her arms, hugging herself.  "I'll talk to you later, Brian, I should be going anyway."
    Sarah walked quickly past Brian and his mother, going downstairs and passing Brian's father as she went to the door.  She hurried down the street, not really knowing where she was going, but hoping that her memory would help her backtrack.  She got out of the gated community and walked right, remembering that Brian had taken a left to come in.  She walked until she reached a pay phone, then decided to call Matt.
    "Matt, can you come pick me up?"
    "Sarah, where the hell are you?  You said you'd be back early, it's nearly two-thirty!"
    "Save me the lecture, Daddy, can you just come pick me up?"
    "Where are you?"
    "I haven't a clue, I'm in front of a Seven-Eleven on Palm Tree Drive if that helps any."
    "Oh, definitely, Palm Tree Drive is only about ten miles long."
    "Matt, please, I'm about a mile away from a gated community, I came here from the south.  Please hurry."
    "Ok, I will, Sarah, I'm on my way."
    Sarah hung up the phone and wiped away the tears sitting on her cheeks.  She walked inside the store and bought herself a Snapple, then came out and sat on the curb.  She waited until she heard a car approaching, then nearly panicked when she saw Brian's blue Beemer drive by.
    'He didn't see me, I'm behind a car, he couldn't've seen me,' she said to herself to calm down.  She took a few deep breaths and heard another car engine, this time coming from the opposite direction.  She watched as Matt's
black Camero came in the parking lot and hurried over to it, getting in the passenger side.
    "Sarah, what's wrong, you're a mess!"  Matt exclaimed as she got in.
    Sarah shook her head.  "I'll explain later, please just drive me home," she said, feeling a new batch of tears coming.  She leaned back in her seat and cried the whole way home, then managed to get upstairs to her room
without running into Vicki or her mother.  She threw herself on the bed, hugging the pillows, and begged to be left alone.

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