Flight To Paradise

Flight To Paradise
Sequel to Special Delivery
By Sarah
Chapter 14

    Brian opened his eyes to a car door slamming.  At first he thought nothing of it, but then he heard two voices drifting in from the slightly open window in his room.  He knew the two voices.  He knew them very well.
    "Oh, God, no, not today," he said to himself.  He carefully got out of bed, trying hard to not wake Sarah, and hurried over to the window.
    'Shit!'  He thought.  He hurriedly pulled on a pair of boxers and a T-shirt and hurried out of his room, quiet enough to not make Sarah wake up.  He ran downstairs and got to the door as someone started to knock on it.
    "Brian!  You're awake!"
    Brian managed a surprised smile.  "Mom, I didn't expect you here until tomorrow," he said.
    "I know, but me and your father decided to come a day early since there were openings on the flight, so we came to surprise you!"  His mother said, smiling as she walked in the house.
    "I'm surprised, it's actually clean," his father said, walking in behind his mother.
    Brian bit his lip as he closed the door, then pasted the smile back on his face as he turned to face them.  "Yeah, uh, I thought I might be busy today so I decided to clean yesterday," he said, somewhat hurriedly.  He glanced upstairs, praying Sarah wouldn't hear them and wake up.
    "You actually cleaned without us telling you to?  Brian, what brought this about?  It usually takes you a total of five minutes to trash the house," his mother said, putting down her suitcase in the hall and pulling off her coat.
    "Uh, thanks for the confidence, Ma, I appreciate it," he said.  He picked up his mother's suitcase and reached for his father's.  "I'll take these upstairs, why don't you go into the kitchen?"  He suggested.  He hurried up the stairs and put the suitcases in the guestroom, then hurried over to his room.  He checked on Sarah, making sure she was still asleep, and then hurried back downstairs.
    "Are you hungry, Brian, I'll make you some breakfast," his mother suggested, rummaging around in one of the cabinets.
    "Uh, no, Ma, that's ok, I, uh, already ate," Brian said quickly, closing the cabinet.  "Just sit down and relax, Mom, you must be tired from your flight.  It is early," he said, leading her to the kitchen table.
    "No its not, its nearly one o'clock, Brian," his mother said, laughing.  Brian glanced at the clock and started cursing to himself in his head.
    "Something wrong, Brian?"  His father asked, looking at him strangely.  "You look slightly agitated."
    Brian shook his head insistently.  "No, nothing's wrong, absolutely nothing.  Uh, why don't you go visit Kevin?  I'll meet you there in a little while, I just have to take care of something."
    His parents looked at each other, then looked back at Brian.  "Brian Littrell, sit down and tell us why you're trying to get rid of us," his mother said sternly.
    Brian practically winced.  "I'm not, Mom, I just have a few things to do today and I don't want you to be waiting around for me when you can do other things."
    "Brian, what is going on?  You're trying to get rid of us and you're trying so hard that your nose is growing from all your lies," his mother said.
    "Be straight with us, son, what is going on?"  His father demanded.
    Brian looked back and forth between his parents, a nervous look on his face.  He opened his mouth to answer when he heard the door to his room open.
    "I'll be right back," he said quickly.  He ran into the hallway and up the stairs, reaching the top as Sarah started down the stairs.  He covered her mouth before she could talk and led her back into his room.
    "Shh," he said.  Sarah nodded and he removed his hand from her mouth.
    "What's going on?"  Sarah asked quietly.
    "My parents, they're here," Brian whispered.
    "Here?  Now?  I thought you said they weren't going to be here until tomorrow!"
    "That's what I thought too, but they said they decided to surprise me and come a day early."
    "What are we going to do?  I can't necessarily just come downstairs and say hello, I'm not even suppose to be here!"
    "I know, I know, I don't have a clue what we can do.  You can hear everything in this house, otherwise I'd have you sneak out the front door, but I guess you'll have to hide up here."
    "What?  You make it sound like I'm a fugitive!"
    "Well, would you rather my mother came up and found you here?"  Brian demanded, his voice rising in volume.  He immediately regretted it when he saw Sarah's eyes turn from panic to pain.  "I'm sorry, baby, but you know
what I mean," he said.
    Sarah nodded, but her eyes filled with tears.
    "Shh, baby, don't cry," Brian whispered, pulling her into his arms.  He rocked her back and forth slowly, humming in her ear.  He rubbed up and down her back, playing with the edge of the terry cloth robe she was wearing.
    "Tell you what, why don't you get dressed and we'll decided from there, ok?"  Brian whispered.
    Sarah nodded and he lifted her chin up so he could look in her eyes.  He kissed her and got very involved in the kiss.  So involved, he didn't know his mother was upstairs until it was too late.
    "Brian, I..."
    Brian and Sarah broke apart quickly, and he looked at his mother where she was standing in the doorway.
    "I-I'm sorry.  B-Brian, c-could I s-see you downstairs, pl-please?"  His mother said, stuttering slightly.  Brian nodded and waited until she closed the door to turn to Sarah.
    "I'll be right back, ok?"  He said.  Sarah nodded and he kissed her forehead gently before walking to the door.  He hurried downstairs and met his mother at the bottom.
    "Mom, I can explain," he started.
    "Stop right there," his mother said, holding up her hand.  Brian closed his mouth and waited for her to start yelling.
    "You could've just told me that your girlfriend was here, I would've understood," his mother said quietly.
    "I- I... you're not mad?"  He asked.  He was prepared to defend himself, but apparently didn't have to.
    His mother smiled.  "Of course not, honey, this is your house, we arrived unexpectedly, and this is your life.  You're allowed to do whatever you want with your life, as long as it makes you happy."
    A smile spread across Brian's face and he hugged his mother.  "Thank you."
    "You're welcome, Baby Duck, it was just slightly surprising to see someone else here besides you.  Why don't you have her come down and we can meet her," his mother suggested.
    Brian nodded.  "Sure, I'll bring her down in a few minutes," he said.  He hurried up the stairs and back into his room, closing the door behind him.
    Sarah looked up from where she was sitting on the bed, her face tear-stained.
    "Oh, baby, its ok, don't cry," Brian said, chuckling.  He hurried over to her and wiped away her tears, pulling her into his lap.  "Its ok, she's not mad, just surprised," he said, smoothing back her hair and rocking her back and forth.
    "Are you sure?  I thought she was going to be so mad, I wasn't even suppose to be here," Sarah said, wrapping her arms around his neck.
    Brian nodded and kissed her forehead.  "Its ok, she wants to meet you, she said it was her fault, she and my father weren't suppose to be here until tomorrow," he said.  He started kissing her face, drying the tears.  He
kissed her on the lips, slowly making it become deeper.  He kissed down her neck, pulling open the bathrobe and lying her back on the bed.  He kissed down her body as his hands ran over her, feeling every curve and spot
normally hidden from view by clothes.  He sucked on her stomach next to her navel, running his hands down her legs and up the inside.
    "Brian, stop, we can't do this, your parents are here," he heard Sarah say, her voice barely being heard because she was breathing heavy.
    "Please?"  Brian begged, kissing his way back up her body and pressing himself against her body, making her feel how much he wanted her.
    "Oh, Brian, we can't, later, but not now, they're waiting for us," Sarah said, kissing his neck.  She pulled away from him, but he kissed back down her body, kissing right below the cross that was on the chain around her neck.  He pushed his body against hers again, nearly entering her, but couldn't because of his boxers.
    "Brian, please, I can't control myself for much longer," Sarah said quietly, running her hands down his body.  He smiled to himself between kissing her neck as he felt her hands move inside his boxers.
    "Hmm, I don't know how you are right now," he whispered, pressing himself against her again, moving his hands down to hers and slowly tugging off his boxers.  He entered her slowly and teasingly pulled out.
    "We can't, but I want to so bad," Sarah whispered, moving against him and making him enter her again.  He thrust against her quickly, making them both climax quicker than ever.  He kissed her body to keep himself from making too much noise, then pushed his body against hers and entered again.  He moved his hands up and down her body and pulled her against him, reaching inside her and reaching a new high inside himself.  He heard Sarah let out small gasps and try to say something, but he covered her mouth with his before she could say anything.  He pulled himself out of her and felt down her body,
breaking the kiss slowly.
    "You're so beautiful, I can't believe you're here with me," he whispered.
    "I ask myself why you chose me all the time," Sarah whispered to him.
    "Because you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen and you're perfect in every way that counts, making you the one for me."
    "But you could've had so many others."
    "But I didn't, I have you.  I don't need anyone else, as long as I have you, you're the only one I need."
    Brian sat up and pulled back on his boxers.  He rested his hand on her stomach, kissing it as he sat next to her, then returned his lips to hers and kissed her gently.
    "Go get in the shower, come downstairs when you're ready," he whispered.
    Sarah nodded and Brian stood up, walking to his closet.  He grabbed a pair of shorts from one of the shelves and put them on.  He pulled on a different T-shirt and hurried downstairs to find his mother cooking.
    "Ma, I said you didn't have to cook," Brian said.
    "I'm going to, you need to eat, I know you didn't, and I'm sure your girlfriend wouldn't mind eating," his mother said.
    Brian shook his head as he walked to the sink and washed his hands and dried them off.  "I don't believe she will," he said, smiling.  He heard the shower in his room turn on and he sat down at the kitchen table across from
his father.
    "Tell me about this girl, I've never heard about her, and apparently someone has," he said, looking at his wife.
    "Don't give me that look, Harold, I haven't known for that long," she said, not turning to face him.
    "What look?"  Brian's father asked, feigning innocence.
    Brian's mother laughed and looked at Brian, who was leaning against the counter and listening to the friendly exchange.  "You see, this is how you know someone is perfect for you in every way, you can tell what the other is
doing even when they deny it," she said, a smile brightening her expression.
    Brian smiled and looked at his father, who wore a smile matching his mother's.   "Sarah is my girlfriend of approximately six months, I met her in the states."
    "Where abouts?"
    Brian looked down at his floor, his father knew about the time he disappeared, and he wasn't too thrilled about it.  In fact, he was quite mad when he finally talked to Brian after that.  "Um, in New Jersey."
    "At one of your concerts?"
    "Actually, I met her on-line and I went to stay with her that time I left Germany," Brian said, not looking at his father.
    "You what?"  Brian's father said, anger seeping into his voice.
    "Harold, calm down, please," Brian's mother said, looking at her son. Brian looked at her with pleading eyes, begging her to help him.
    "You'd like her Dad, she's really nice and sweet, even the guys like her, and Aaron too.  She's here visiting her cousins, in Melbourne," Brian said, finally looking at his father.  He only saw anger in his father's face and eyes, something he very rarely witnessed.
    "You met her on-line, over the computer, and then met her face to face?  You didn't even know what she looked like?  She could've been anyone, Brian!" His father said, standing up and raising his voice.
    "But she wasn't, she was real, a person that anyone could've been happy to meet, you'll like her, Mom'll like her, everyone who hasn't met her will like her!  She's one of those people you like the instant you see them, and
that's one of the reasons I fell in love with her," Brian said in a rush.  He didn't realize what he'd said until after, but the expression on his father's face told him that maybe it wasn't the right time to say it.
    "Brian Thomas Littrell," his father started, walking towards him.
    "Stop right there, Harold," Brian's mother said, intervening.  She stepped between Brian and his father, holding her husband back.  "Calm down at this instant and sit down.  When that girl comes down, you are going to be nice to her, get to know her, and you will like her.  From what I've heard so far, there is nothing to not like about this girl.  She's a regular person and you will treat her no different from any other person, understood?"  She said sternly.
    Her husband nodded, not taking his eyes off of Brian.  Brian felt afraid under his father's glance, watching as the man sat down.  He looked away from him and at his mother, who didn't necessarily have the most pleased look on her face.
    "Brian, go get Sarah, your father and I have to have a little talk," she said.  Brian nodded and walked into the hallway and up the stairs, going into his room and to the door leading to the attached bathroom.  He could hear
Sarah humming as she turned off the shower and stepped out.  He quietly opened the door and peeked in, seeing Sarah with her back to him.  He walked in the bathroom, leaving the door open, and walked over to Sarah, wrapping his arms around her waist.
    "Ahh, Brian!"  Sarah exclaimed, jumping.  She ran her hands over his arms and chuckled.  "Don't scare me," she said.
    Brian smiled and kissed her bare shoulder through her wet hair.  "Why not?  Its fun," he said.
    "Because, its not all that fun for me," Sarah said, breaking out of his grasp and fixing the towel that was wrapped around her.  She walked to the counter by the sink and picked up a comb, pulling it through her hair.  Brian took the comb out of her hand and started combing her hair for her.
    "Well, I guess I won't do it anymore," he said, feigning sadness.  He looked at her through the mirror and put on a sad face.
    "Oh, sweetie," Sarah said, turning to face him.  She kissed him lightly and Brian looked up at her with sadness in his eyes.  "Fine, you can do it again, but not too much, ok?"  She said.
    Brian grinned and nodded his head insistently, making Sarah laugh.  He finished combing her hair and watched as she walked out of the bathroom and to her purse, pulling out a pair of shorts and tossing them on the bed.
    "What, did you come prepared with an entire outfit?"  Brian asked exasperatedly, walking across the room and picking up her purse.  He pretended to keel over from the weight.  "Sheesh, carry much in here?"  He asked.
    Sarah laughed as she changed, tossing the towel on the bed and pulling on her shorts and the tank top from last night.  "No, I rarely carry that thing around, I keep my money on me at all times, I don't need it," she said.
    Brian looked at her strangely and set her purse on the floor, striding over to Sarah.  He picked up the button down sweater from the floor and helped her into it.
    "Don't forget this, it completes the outfit," he said, running his hands down her arms and finally stopping at her hands, intertwining his fingers with hers.  He kissed the back of her neck lightly and let go of one hand, pulling her to the door with the other.  "Come on, come downstairs and meet my parents, they're anxious to meet you," he said.
    'Well, my mom is anyway, my dad is a different story,' he thought, leading Sarah downstairs.  He tickled her as they reached the bottom of the stairs and smiled at her.  She laughed and he brought her into the kitchen.  As he and Sarah sat down at the table across from his parents, in front of the two plates of food, he saw the shocked expressions on both their faces and the look exchanged between the two.  He knew exactly what they were both
    Sarah was young.  Sarah was sixteen, eight years younger than their son.  The son that claimed to love her.

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