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Rockin' Ralph Parker's Tribute Page
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" William Clarke...Just The Name, Brings Out All Kinds Of Emotions
From Deep In My Soul. He Was Bigger Than Life To Me.
You Know...The Real Thing, Not A Pretender, But A Solid Sender
Of Lowdown Boogie & Blues. He Played Hard, & Lived Hard.
Always True To Himself, As Well As To Others."

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" Was Big Bill Clarke In The Groove? Hell...He Was The Groove!
The Overpowering Sexuality & Suggestive Nature Of His Songs
Were Personal Reflections Of Everyday Trials & Tribulations.
Evidence In His "Lookin' To The Future" & "Tryin'To Stretch
My Money"...Or "Daddy Pinocchio"...A Few Of My Favorites."

" True To His Music & Himself, His Love Affair With Lowdown
Boogie & Swingin' Blues Was Endless. While Living On The Road,
Sleeping In Cars & Playing Countless Honky-Tonks & Fancy Bars,
He Personified The Real Thing --- Blues Man Deluxe."

" Deep Down, He Played Harp With His Heart & Sang From His Soul.
His Legacy Is... The Body Of Work He Left For Lovers Of
Lowdown Blues To Cherish & Enjoy."

" His Jazzy Swing, His Paralyzing Slow-Chromatic Blues,
His Earthshakin' Boogie Shuffles...That Is His Legacy!
Such A High Standard For His Short 45 Years On This Earth "

" But, Underneath That Standard, There Was A Special Kindness
Extended To All Young Harmonica Players. Always Willing To
Help Out & Advise Them Anyway He Could."

" A Big Heart, A Drive To Fulfill His Goals & Dreams,
& Energy That Was Bigger Than Himself.....
That Was What William Clarke Was All About."

"Bigger Than Life"...Is What Big Bill Said About George Smith.
He Was In Awe Of George's Style & Total Showmanship.
Bill Became His Protege...& George Became His Mentor.
They Worked Together From 1977 Until George's Death In 1983"

" With George "Harmonica" Smith As His Mentor...Bill Learned
To Master The Chromatic Harmonica...From The King!!!
Eventually, Bill Became A Master Of The Blues Chromatic Himself."

" I Can Still See Big Bill Now, Rollin' Around On The Ground
Up On Stage...Cryin' Out In Soul Salvation & Wailin' On
That Big Chromatic Harmonica! "

" Puttin' It Down & Lettin' It All Hang Out...
With Dust Flyin' Everywhere...106 Degrees In The Shade...
With His Best Suit On! That Is What Bill Was All About!
Everything He Did Was Lowdown Man, Lowdown...
From The South Central Ghetto Of LA, To Blues Festivals
All Over The World, Through All His Allbums & CD's...
To Me...He Was The King Of The Lowdown Harmonica Blues!"

Rockin' Ralph Parker Is A "Roots" Spinnin' DJ
At KHDC 90.9 FM - In Salinas, CA.
He's Also Become A Good Friend...
& Is A Blues-L Internet Mailing List Member.

Thank You Brother Ralph...
For Your Beautiful Big Bill Contribution!!!

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