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Welcome to...
Paul "Pops" Bryant's Photo Page

Paul & Bill - September 1996
The Tobacco Roadhouse In Pittsburgh, PA

Paul Bryant Joined The William Clarke Band In
The Late Fall Of 1994 As Guitarist Deluxe...
His First Gig With Bill Was At "The Taxxi"
In LaJolla, In Southern California...

The 1st Gig in LaJolla, CA - 1994

Click To Enlarge Thumbnail Pic's Of 1st Gig

The Next Day He Went Out On A Mid-West
Tour With Bill & The Boyz...In Support Of
The "Groove Time" Release On Alligator Records.

Manny's Car Wash?? - NYC - September 1996

Paul Played In William's Band Until Bill's
Untimely Death In November Of 1996.
Bill Played His Last Gig With Paul....
On October 20th, 1996 At Harmonica
Bob's in Abilene,Texas.

Not Sure.....Somewhere In The East, Circa 95

Paul Says That Working With Bill Was The
Greatest Musical Experience Of His Life...
& Paul Has Worked With Many Blues Greats!

" Bill Was Playing Like A Man On A Mission
His Last Year... When Bill Got On The Stage
& Said, "Gee ....Like Jesus...1,2,3,4 ".....
There Was Nothin' Like It, I Haven't Found A Band
Since, That Captured What He Did, Night After Night."

Not Sure.....Somewhere In The East, Circa 95

"Watch Out, Don't Take Your Eyes Off Him,
& Play Like Hell!!!...If You Could'nt Get Inspired
Playing With Bill, You Better Have Your Pulse Checked,
& Your Damn Knees Hit With A Hammer.....
He Was A Monster From The 1st Step On Stage,
Until The Last Step Off Of The Stage......
Total No Bullshit, No Ego, No Nothin' Cept Music...
Groove...& More Groove...It Was Always That Way"

Sunday Feb. 11th 1996 - The Hop in Lakewood, Ca
Benefit For Babe & Ricki's Inn ["Blues for MaMa"]

" Bill Commanded This Type Of "Attention" Without
Even Saying Anything. With Bill, You Just Wanted
To Do What He Wanted, Because He Was So Exciting,
& Creative, & Hard Working, & Focused, & Just Plain Monstruous....
Plus, You Knew You Wouldn't Be
Around Long If You Let Him Down Too Many Times!
Bill Just Had An Uncanny Way Of Bringing The Best
Out Of Musicians Who Wanted To Play His Way!"

Thanks "Pop's" For Sharing Your Photos
& Memories & Thoughts On Brother Bill...

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