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Match Report

England are through to the last 16 of the world cup. In the process they've beaten Argentina not bad ey. Thankx to that Argentina are now out of the world cup the second Elite casualty of the world cup so far.

England Nigeria was a very highly hyped up game. Everyone was expecting England to wipe the floor with Nigeria. The also Expected Argentina to crush Sweden and for them to come second in the group with 6 pts. The game started of very badly for England. The nigerians determined not to be any push over. There were many shaky moments in the first half the nigerians showing pace and skill to break through the england defence but Ferdinand was always there to bail England out. Seamen was exceptional as usual gathering all of the crosses that came his way. The same cannot be said for the Nigerian Keeper. Although England were having a few defecive problems they always looked strong going forward. Owen had a few good chances showing experience and pace to unlock the Nigerian Defence. The Nigerian keeper was flapping at crosses and palm away shots although England couldn't capatalise as the Nigerian defence was obviously used to this sort of display and were first to the ball. The Referee was quite disgraceful in the first half. Was refusing to give obvious free kicks and refusing to give England well deserved corners. England were very strong in the final stages of the half. Going into the half time brake both teams had positive and negative things to look at. Englands defence wern't working as a unit but they did look strong in the oppositions half. Nigera will be disapointed not to have captalised on Englands Shody defending but will also be relieved not to have conceded any goals.

The second half commences England are have now had a roloking and are expected to be much better in this half. The second half is much like the same. The referee giving shocking decisions, the nigerians attacking well but this time the defece was a unit and there was little to worry about at the back. England had some good chances in the second half Beckham not even testing the poor keeper with his "expert" freekicks. Owen and Heskey were substituted near the end of the second half sheringham coming on prooving his place in the team and Vassel Being rather disappoing. The final whiste goes England are through the last 16. It wasn't a pretty game and it wasn't what everyone was expecting but the result gets us through.

Man OF The Match Rio Ferdinand