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~The Page of Many Links~

One little thing I should mention, is that some of these sites may contain a little bit of adult content. Most of what might be there is avoidable, but NG has a few inappropriate banners. So if you're not up for getting in trouble(kids, husbands, people at work), be wary with your clicking.

Sites I like

- This is were I got the idea to do my site. Currently it's my favorite website(but that changes with the wind). Also, it's a lot funnier and has a lot more content than I do. You could get lost here for days, I swear. I did.

- Check here for any important news. If you were meant to know about it, FARK will have it. I should also mention that it's the only place I ever look for news. Why? Cause it makes news fun. How? I dunno.

Planet Gamecube - More or less the best Nintendo "fansite" on the web. It's a lot more organized though, and is like IGN and Gamespot, excpt for it's free and only covers Nintendo stuff. Go PGC!

Gamefaqs - Do I really need to tell you what GameFAQs is? If you haven't heard of it, you either don't play video games, or have been living under a virtual rock for the last few years.

- It's Newgrounds. 'Nuff said. Be careful, adult content is just around the virtual corner.

- Retro Crush... I haven't really spent a lot of time there, but it seems to be some type of humour/nostalgia site. And it's got babes. Plenty 'o babes. And some top [number] lists, those are always fun.

- Another comedic website. Oh, the funny things you'll find here... Comics, reviews, Domo-kun, ROM hacks, whatever. Be sure to check out Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest and the Pixel Pals comic. Some people just have funny in their blood.

Queen - Duh. I alredy told you they're my favorite band ever. How could I not put a link?

Def Leppard - One of the other great rock 'n roll bands. I seem to make a lot of references to them. O_O

HIM - Love Metal. They're probably my second or third favorite band ever. Great music, better vocals, and a sweet symbol make these Finnish rockers one of the top bands on my list.

Dictionary.com - I can't begin to tell you how useful this site is when you write a lot. I must be there at least once a day. It also has a neat "Word of the Day" e-mail thinger.

The TMNT website - Another one I don't think I should have to explain. Really, this site should be in everyone who was a kid during the Turtles era's bookmarks. Even today, they're coming back. Will it be as popular? Probly not, but I can hope.

- Ninja Burger. I'm not really sure if it's supposed to be funny or real, but it's got a few cool doodads that are definetly worth checking out.

The Mushroom Kingdom - got Mario? - The Mushroom Kingdom. The hugest and best Mario fansite I've ever seen. It's got huge amounts of stuff ranging from game info to guitar tabs. Check it out if you love Mario!

- Homestar Runner. Ummm... Funny Flash stuff. I love it. Everybody! Everybody!

Classmates.com - Not sure why I added it to the links. I do think it's a cool idea for a site, but making you pay for all the good stuff brings it down a few notches.

Urban Dictionary - It's like dictionary.com, but with more words. Although to even things out the definitons are loose at best. Most of the time anyway.

OMGJeremy.com - Another humour site. Only this one deals mainly in hentai movies and video games, rather than assorted make-fun-ofable stuff. Oh, and "Hentai = no for kiddies". So be caureful if you shouldn't be looking at dirty stuffs.

- Ummm... It's not anything really concrete like XE or OMGjeremy, but it's damn hilarious nonetheless. So go ahead, get a little snotty.

Project Nightshade - Best. Conspiracy. Ever. Really, it's great. Just go read it and you'll see why hanging out on the Paranormal/Conspiracy board at GameFAQs is one of my favorite things to do online.

Poulaga Challenge - A great Flash game that has you throwing around a chicken. Trust me, it's very fun, yet very easy and hard at the same time. Kinda like 3-d table hockey. Go play now!

GorillaMask - I can't beleive it took me so long to get this link up. I love the site. The only blog I'll read. Just be aware that it's stuffed with porn links and may possibly house things that human eyes weren't meant to see.

OverClocked Remix - If you love music, like most people, this site is not to be missed. It's a huge amount of remixed video game tunes, and they've even got a web radio broadcast thing going on. Highly reccommended! Yeah!

Planet MegaMan - The best resource for MegaMan fans like me. It's got pretty much everything. Previews, news, art, the whole shebang. And video game music fans would be denying themsleves great music by not checking out the soundtracks section.

The Best Page in the Universe - Very controversial, very funny. Maddox bashes women, children, racists, and Christopher Reeve. Thank Poseidon for the internet, cause there's no way this stuff would get published anywhere else. At least not on this continent.

Merijn.org - More of a convenience than a cool site to visit. He's made a lot of custom hijacker/trojan killers, and they've saved my PC on mor than one occasion. So If you've ever got problmes (or want to uninstall Kazaa properly), this is the first place you should turn.

Friendly Sites

Justin's site - He's what I like to refer to as my best friend. Though I generally have feelings of contempt for them, it's a blog. I'm none too fond of the blog, but if you read it, I guarantee that you'll laugh out loud at least once. You might just find the horrible spelling funny, but you will laugh.

Mike's site - My good buddy Mike's site. It's about him and stuff. It's got info on bands, movies, and all sort of stuff he likes. A very personal-type site. He linked to me, so I figure I owe him the favor. Here you go dude, we're even.

Quest for the Cube - A site for a certain RPG (made by me!) that may or may not ever be complete. At least do yourself a favor and play the demo. Chock full of good stuff! Seriously, it's got a lot of stuff to find and a completely inane plot. I even wrote a mock-FAQ for it, which is pretty funny as well. So go on and check it out!

Edwin's website - Another of my friends' sites. There isn't much here, except for some text and a couple links. He may write somethign for it in the future, but that's kinda doubtful. I write guest articles for it every once in a while, so make sure to visit this site as well as mine!

Now if only I actually knew more people out there, I'd link to their sites as well, but as it is, the colum to the left is going to be a lot longer than this one for quite some time. So to balance it out (very slightly), I made much longer descriptions for these ones. That and I know the webmasters, so I think they deserve the extra effort.

Web Comics

PVP Online - The second greatest web comic ever. It's got a few years worth of comic strips and they're all hilarious. As an added bonus, there's a new strip every day

Penny Arcade! - This is the best web comic ever. Just barely beats PVP, but in the long run, I like color. Plus, the guys always have some interesting news. Updates less frequently thatn PVP.

- Yet another webcomic. It's pretty funny, but the archive is limited and it updates once a week at best. Oh well, it's more than I do, so I guess I can't complain.

White Ninja - It's a great, yet poorly drawn comic about a white ninja. Most of the strips make no sense whatsoever, and that's why I love them. Since it's a Canadian production, there's even a convenient French version of the site.

VG Cats - It's yet another gaming-related web comic, but then again, how many aren't? Only this one stars cats. But it is still quite funny. Like White Ninja, it's Canadian (I think), so I'll support it wholeheartedly. Strangely enough, it updates Wednesdays.

The Forge - Yet another comic for those of you who know nothing better to do with your time. It seems to be one long running story, so I suggest you read from the beginning. And like my comic, it's always 3 panels. See? It can be done!

- One more web comic. It's not gaming related, and it's not absolutely hilarious, but I still enjoy it and I think you would do well to check it out.

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