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about me

leah's thoughts/version:deep

get to know me
you can call me: leah
eyes: chestnut
hair: brown
height: 5'5" & 3/4
birthdate: october 1st
favorite goal: to get to meet Mr. Right while I'm young
favorite fantasy: dating a certain someone whom I'm going to refer to as AL
favorite vacation: haven't had it yet but I would want to go to the rockies
if you could be closer to one person in your life (physically existent or not) who would it be and why? AL because he's a sweet guy who I truely care about. When you meet him, from the beginning, you can tell he is a devoted christian. He shows it in his actions and his words. All of my real good friends know who AL is just in case any of you are wondering. If you aren't a good friend, sorry...I can't tell, it may get back to him.

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