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mY LiFe aS i sEe iT

dono how 2 describe lahz...


Thursday, October 25, 2001

   got my results...it sucks as always...but relax...there's still a long way to go b4 the big exam....Mrs Wendino stated that i am cheerful and friendly!*Clap*ClAp*tHaNk YoU!!* but she also said that i can do better with better time management ... sheesh... i had to write little tday..my dadz angry that my internet bill has gone up...maybe we should singn up for starhub cable or singnet broadband???but with a lousy com of 450 mhz speed,getting pass the demanding minimum requirement would be ardous...logging off pple, in 5-4-3-2-1- *teet*

Posted by mini~clip at 10:16 PM

  was plannin to play counterstrike tml but got something better instead.in fact,much better! The only cute friend (THE gorgeous 1) of mine invited me to her house. She said that it was he bro's idea but skali it was she hu wants me to come over? nah...not possible...luckily my friends understand so they did not mind much,except for the fact that they had 1 less friend to play with...but hey,going over to her house was way more cool right?so right now i dun give a damn about countersrike...all i care about is her now..only her...

   i know she lyks me...and she knows i lyk her.rite now i am thinkin that we can realli go far...more than just plain old kids playin with each other...just more than dat is enough....letz just see wad happens tml ok...bye...

Posted by mini~clip at 12:02 PM

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