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Real Name: Katherine Colleen
Hair colour: I have short hair, in 3 different colors, it's natural red/auburn,with streaks of black cherry red in the back with white large bleach streaks in the front.
Eye Colour: Green
Status: Married
Tattoos & or peircings?: Yes, several of both
Nick Names: Kitten, Kitty, Kit, Kits, Kat, Kate, Katie, Kath, Kathy, Sweetness, Care Bear.
Online Alias': Phoenix, Dark^Phoenix, PreciousKitten, Kitten, Kitty, Raina, WebKitten, WebBitch, SweetSixxKitten, SixxKitten, SweetSixxSista, Shuga, Panther, & The Contrary Sprite!
Age: 30
Height: 6'0 (tall aren't i) :)
Birthday: 02//15/73
Blood Type: Red
Daughter's name & age: Samantha 11
Son's name & age: Tyler 9
Hubby's Name: Jack
Sex: Female
Current Residence: South-Western Ontario Canada
Nationality: I am Canadian!
Heritage: Canadian (Irish desent)
Languages: English (badly too)
Sign: Aquarian
Chinese Zodiac: Ox
Personality: Golden Seeker
Pen or pencil?: Crayon
Flavor: Cinnamon
Color: Shades of Purple,White,Yellow,Burgundy & Black
Aura Color: Gold
Biggest Sin: Pride
TV: Charmed & CSI (Vagas)
Last Movie Seen: LOTR:Two Towers & X2:United
Food: Lobster
Ice-cream: Tiger Tail
Drink: Cherry Whisky or Jack Daniels
Actor: Mel Gibson
Actress: Bette Midler
Band: Motley Crue
Author: V. C. Andrews
Pets: My Shih tzu Pooky
Animal: Tigers
Flower: White Roses, Yellow Daisies, & Lavender Lilacs
Season: Fall
Perfume: Lady Stetson, Diamonds Are Forever, Jovan Musk
Holiday: Christmas
Dream Car: 1957 Thunderbird ragtop, white on white
Curse Word: Anthing that starts with an "F" and ends in an "uck"!
Fave Number: 68
Are you afraid of dying: No its the living part that scares me
Do you play an instrument?: Yes guitar
Do you sing?: Yes
Fave place to be: In bed
Hobbies: Love, Family, Music, Art, Comp, Visiting. I have alot.
Do you love to talk on the phone: No
What would you do if you saw a lion running towards you: Trip the guy next to me
What is your most embarrassing moment: I've had so many
What would you do if someone put a gun to your head: Move the gun to the heart because the bullit wouldn't hit anything vital!
If you could do anything to the person you hated the most, what would you do?: Let them live!
Worst feeling in the world: Bad sex
Best feeling in the world: Great sex
Thunderstorms - cool or scary?: Very cool when golfing
Fave subject at school: Dentetion
Favourite relatives: Dead ones
Fave family game to play: "If I took the milk out of the fridge, but you were the last one to use it, who ought to put it back?" :)
Favourite shop: Northern Reflections. Don't leave me in one unsupervised. ;)
Do you believe in yourself: nDuh!!! YES!!! If i don't believe in myself i can't expect others too believe in me!
Fave song: The Weather Girls "It's Raining Men" [original version]
A song that describes yourself or that you can relate to: "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks & "This Is Me" by Jessica Andrews
Super Power: Animal Communication
Celebrity Soulmate: Axl Rose
Inner Rock Star (i was a rockstar i'd be): Courtney Love
Obsessions: Chocolate, art, music, and men.
Favourite poem: First Gold by Robert Frost
Fave cartoon: Anything Disney
Would you shave your head for $1,000 dollars: For a charity like Cancer yes, i would do it without hesitation!
Are you a fan of fashion: Yeah riiiight! I make a point to watch reruns of Clueless weekly for fashion tips.


It's certainly been some time since i have graced the blog. But here goes...

to update, my Mother has passed away...

I do so hope she is finally at peace. Mom deserves that. She's had a hard life. Though the selfish lil girl in me hasn't stopped screaming "I want my Mom!"
Though i doubt that part of me will ever cease to leave. In some way i don't want it too, but if it does... it would make me heal faster... slowly each day becomes a lil better.
The kids and Jack are making it easy for that too happen.

I was the basketcase at the funeral, it took Jack, my numerous Uncles and cousins to hold me up. Had it not been for my Uncle Gary coming up to me when i lost all emotional resolve i had left and cried my eyes out i would still be standing by my mom's graveside. It was Uncle Gary who came up and hugged me and had to lead me away.

Tyler was the Honerary Pallbearer as he is only 10 and small in stature for his age and unable to help his cousins carry. So he lead the way a few steps ahead of the rest of the pallbearers and T.J. carried the overly huge bouquet to his Nana'a resting place.

Tyler never showed an once of emotion the whole time to anyone throughtout all of this till the last minute before the funeral itself and thats when my lil guy finally broke down. We had all been so worried about T.J. The entire family told him if he didnt want too or felt he couldnt be the pallbearer that it was cool and we all and even Nana would understand. Till that day it was always hard to guess what went on in his head or just what was going on inside of him.

That day at his Nana's funeral i and everyone else seen what my son at already this point in his young life is truly made of and what kind of man he'll be when he's grown.
When it came time for the pallbearers to take their places T.J. said nothin to any one, he let go of my hand and left my side then went to the front of the church with all his big cousins. To take his place with his Nana. I have never been so proud in all my life and had his Nana been 'side me and seen it i knew she would have exploded in pride.
My family had in most cases just met my kids and hubby but even they couldn't get over and took in the pride for their nephew as quiet and resolve as his, small in stature, and thee Youngest grand son of my mom want to help and be there to the very end for his Nana.

T.J. has always been so quiet and too himself he doesn't say anything to anyone on his feelings or emotions, in fact ya hafta wear the boy down to get any info out of him about anything. He's only just turned 10. But he holds doors open for girls including his big sis and me, knows how to cook and clean (cause i taught him) and does for himself and for other's, stays bedside if yoursick to make ya laugh and so your not lonely, and out of know where will come and give ya a hug if he thinks you need it or not! I think he's gonna be the kind of man that's strong, silent, deadly and a teddy bear! He's knows how girls are to be treated and honered but still knows how to kick your ass if ya piss him off!

This momma couldn't possibly explode with more pride if she tried!

Sami starts her first job on Monday, delivering newspapers, 3 days a week. Which if ya ask me isnt a bad job for an 11 yr old, something to fill between her babysitting. Her Dad and are so proud and happy for her she went out and did on her own entirely.

I have also enrolled Samantha in Air Cadets, T.J. wants to go now but he has to wait till he is 12 before they will enlist him. Sami isn't too keen on going, she'll like it once she get there though. T.J. on the other hand is looking forward to it and since finding out there is a local regime. He has talked to me and his dad that after he's done with the club, T.J. wants to join the Military when he turns 18 after high school. Then proceed to go to college through them and get his trade. Which i'm all for it, but there's a part of me that worries one day i'll answer the door and find the R.C.M.P. on my door.

Going to Cadets doesn't mean you HAVE TO join the military, but it is a step in the right direction should they want too.

(Air cadets - it's a small building block for kids who are interested in the military and it's a jump into it for them. They do the exact same stuff the military does infact only geared towards kids, they learn how a military works and taught to use rifles, archery, the go camping, hang out with other kids their own age , the even learn how to fly small passenger air craft and as they get older get their license. All their uniforms come from the military and it is all issue stuff. But it's a club for kids to mainly have fun and how to put proper respect and discipline in their lives)

O.K. i think that's about it for now. I hope life is treating you all well.

I'll leave you all with these words of great wisdom... i know what i'm talking about!

Take a few mins out of everday to hug your family and tell them you love them, you just never know. And put your petty differences aside and call your mom, dad, guardian.


Been a while since i messed with the comp fig'd i'll make an entry. Last Sat we had a fam emerg my entire fam got together, hauled my one sis down from Toronto. She broke a few laws gettin down here but it had to done. Mom went even further down hill. We all met in town for my 3 sis's my dad and i to decide if we sign the papers for mom to undergo an operation to remove punchured bowels that was causing air to float through her body or if we just make her comfy and wait out the inevitable. I went in to see mom and she can't even utter syllables, let alone say my name. She cant barely even grunt or point out what she wants due to the amount of meds they have her on. They are giving her the same strong meds they give aids patients and she doesnt even have aids!

We opted for the surgery, at least we can say we tried every method of medicine too try to save her. During the surgery she had a heart attack, as too how many and to the severity of it we have no idea and won't know till when or IF she get's better. Also due to her immune system in the perverbial toilet she contracted both the Staff Virus AND pneumonia!

They say when it rains it pours... i think in this case we are looking at down-right torrential weather. I did get the opportunity to say my peice to her though when and if anything happens. Which i'm glad i got the chance. The docs can't do anything to treat her other ailments till the surgery wounds heal, Untill then it is up too the meds they were able to give her, God, and my mother's will to live.

None of this has been easy on us. most aall dad but he acts like he's fine. We think since everything has been happening with mom he's been having strokes cuz he's faalling over for no reason and he can't or won't sleep. If that isn't enough my sis that came down from Toroonto isn't havin an easily pregnaancy so we are all doing are best to keep her calm as well. She'll be undergoing an operation on the baby before it's birth. The lil one has twisted intestines, that the docs need to go in and fix.

Went into work today, and if my boss don't get together i'm going to quit. F*** him! He don't pay me enough to put up with his B.S. Jack and i talked it over and Jack's cool with me quitting and agree's with me it's not worth being upset and aggrivated over that swamp rat.

Ok this post sucked the life out of me. Hopefully the next will be cheey. Untill then.

I'm gonna go see if i can find pics of Remy... maybe i'll make a page of my faave X-Man i dunno. I also bought some yarn today, i might start that sweater for myself i've wanted to for a long time now.
later gatorz

Went to the battleaxes... ooops i mean mother-inlaws yesterday. My god i tell ya i think i would much rather gouge out my own eyes with a melon-baller!

Anyhoo.. was down there for the afternoon resisting the overwhelming urge to airout my veins. Managed to slip out out for there wwith the kids and took them down to the beach to look for shells. Found quite a few. Also found a decomposing skunk too unfortunaately for the skunk, fortunate for us! LOL

It was quiet on the beach only thing you could here was the sound of gulls, and Lake Erie. Told the kids of old ships that have gone down in the lake, which got them excited.

Going down to the lake is the only decent thing that comes out of goin to the inlaws.

Though when going to the lake i always find myself looking out over it, watching for something, and i never really know what for. Could be in a former life i look for my long lost sailor and the water calls to me, maybe i look for a sence of inner peace from the demons that haunt me.

In either case it's freedom of which i look for internally.

I think today i'm going to relax(for a change) and contemplate my navel, or better yet , i'm gonna head over to neoland and fetch my limit in np's.

May the wind always be at your back!

Today was yet another interesting day in the life of "WTF!?!?!?"LOL

I tell ya life just gets a lil whackier with every sunrise, but never noless interesting.

Helped and finished up the Condo next door. Which was cool, but thee dumbass who so-called "organized" it, never showed up! He fell asleep at home!!!

See now it's people like that drive me over the deep end right there.

In between all that, my daughter was home from school today with another bad migraine. So she tinkered with her comp and made lunch for us, cuz she wuvs her momsy :)

MMM... cuccumber sammiches!(minor addiction)

After lunch did some net-trolling. Found some cool blinkies to add to my ever-growing collection. Which btw i should mention i dont collect every one i see. I only collect the ones that pertain to me and my personality, in some cases some are surprizingly things i have outright said.

Oh hey i wont be puttin up blinkies and dolls that i make, now before ya go and get your thong in a twist let me finish. I WILL make them for anyone who emails me requesting one or two whichever,(animated if you wish it to be)... for get this.... FREE!

No links, no charge!

I don't charge for mine simply becuz i am an artist, (to me sorry to those whom are diehards) and it's a hobby to make them, nothing more then that for me.

Also i will be putting up a few of my rough quick sketches for anyone who would like to print off and color once again they are free.

I work in all mediums,(including tattoo's) but my specialty is oils. Seeing as my paintings are too damn large for my scanner, you'll get my sketches.(I'm also too freakin lazy to take pics of my paintings.)

Well I'll be shuckie darned, this is gonna be a biggie of an entry.LOL

Sorry, zoned out listening to the Go-go's. alrighty then well that just dated me! :)

OOOooo REO Speedwagon!!!
Been ages!

Ok well i think i'm done my bitchin' n moanin for now.

Brace yourself folks... cuz i shall return..
Same bitchy person to the same bitchy place! LMAO (I slay me)

Ok.. well.. now that i'm done futzin with the layout, thought i'd actually make an entry. As you can see i made a few adjustments here. More will be coming, all in time.

Need to stress relive with html. Had a longassed day at work. I swear to all thats holy if one more person asks me if i work there i'll scream!
Not to mention complain about the prices. Sheesh!

I just do the setups and returns. I dont make the bloody products or price them.

How stupid is the general public anyway?
I don't mind them askin me but when they give me a comment or look like "well isn't it your job" it gets on my last nerve.

It isn't my job, but they got thick skulls!

Gonna go drag my fanny over the net see what's happenin. Then i thinks i'm gonna go burn the fam & me some dinner.
Veal yum!

Busted my "ass"ests helping with the community condo co-op clean up. Cuz my partner decided to make other plans and left me to do all the freakin work myself!

I guess sometimes the only person a girl can count on is herself!

My daughter was kinda enough to come over and help me, when she seen me doing a 3 fisted project with only 2 hands.

The good part is after supper i got online caught up with mah homechicka Z, helped her fix her blog. Put up the new Ver. of SOS(some things i'm still workin on). Then got to talk with Dreamy. She needs to come on a bit more. I miss her when she aint around. :/

Or maybe i need to get alife.

Prolly a lil of both columns.

Think i'm gonna update a few things on my blog tomorrow. Too lazy to do it now.

Anyhoo... I'm out like a cheap candle!

Well i once again i was in a mood and did something spontanious... i had my hair chopped off!

Literately... it now is short comes to just the base of my neck. So not like my head wasnt airy enough now the top is lighter too.

For some... this may all be reflective.
For others this could be haunting shadows of themselves.
For the one who owns and write's this...
It's whom she is!

I've been around online for what seems an eternity.
I've met ALOT of awesome people.
I've also met ALOT of stupid, hateful mean spirited people.

Over those years.. i've been to some an anonymous person who has dropped of gifts of graphics. Too other's i have been thought of as a bitch!

To the mass majority that have known me...
I'd like to think i was a friend!

Friends to hackers, lurkers, chatters, html & graphic collegues.

Time & time again i feel the need to help, and give of myself... which i whole heartedly do and will continue too.

But this...
This site...
this page...
blog if you will...

Whatever you choose to call it.
Is an echo.

To whom i've been...
whom i am...
whom i shall ever become.

For i am a daughter,
a wife,
a mother,
a child,
a friend,
a woman.

I am a bipolar!

But first & formost...
I am ME!

To thy own self be true!

A WebMom Creation 2003

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