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Some of the collections of models with original patent tags are being sold off today and there are new collections being formed, some specializing and "cornering the market" for particular items. I think that when the "dust settles" the specialized collector may have paid a little more to gather his items but will have a more comprehensive collection. On the other hand, if the specialized collector misses his chance to acquire a model that fits his specialty, the opportunity is gone to complete his collection.

So it might be strategic to pay more now and have the dream collection in the future. With the investing market in such a tizzy, Patent Models with tags have gained their own respect as a viable tangible way to gather an asset that will gain in value for the owner.I would have like to continue to collect models, and other collectables, but will now offer the opportunity to others to fulfill their dreams of collecting.

All models have the original Patent Office tag(s)

Patent model Bedlounge

NO LONGER AVAILABLE..Washing Machine 1872 Pat # 125,896
NO LONGER AVAILABLE..Washing Machine 1879 Pat # 216,581

Patent Model Piesafe
NO LONGER AVAILABLE..Patent Model Boiler Washing Machine Pat # 178,571

NO LONGER AVAILABLE ..Patent Model Early Cooking Stove Pat # 3,380

Many washing machines have been sold..MANY OTHER COLLECTABLE MODELS ARE AVAILABLE .......Tags attached to models are from previous museum showings. Models are selling and forming new collections.************************************************************************************************************************************************************** ALL MODELS IN THIS COLLECTION COME WITH THE ORIGINAL US PATENT TAG*****************************************

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