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The Whitehurst Blog - Politics, Racism, Military, Marijuana Legalization & More
Tuesday, 10 October 2017
Eminem Undresses Trump In Political Cypher
Topic: Music
Tonight on BET, Eminem exploded back onto the cultural scene with a cypher directed squarely at Donald Trump.  From "The Donald's" double standards, to his support for and from White Supremacists, to the crisis in hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico, NFL player protests against police murder of African-Americans and beyond; Eminem focused both barrels of his highly perceptive lyrical talents squarely at Donald Trump like a shotgun -- AND FIRED!!!  Click the photo below to view the video of Trump's verbal beatdown:

Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 10:01 PM CDT
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Thursday, 21 September 2017
Model Luna Lush Breaks Out With New Website
Topic: Visual Media

Bombshell Luna Lush is making her presence known in a big way!  Today she opened a smoking hot official website to excite fans of beautiful women around the world. This 5'5 Latina/Italian goddess obviously possesses stunning physical traits, but Luna is much more than another pretty face.  She is a student of Psychology, enjoys healthy eating & living, fitness, and is a passionate practioner of yoga.  Join her website now!  Become a member and be part of the Luna Lush Takeover!
Official LUNA LUSH Website:
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Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 4:00 PM CDT
Updated: Thursday, 21 September 2017 5:07 PM CDT
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Saturday, 15 July 2017
Russians Unveil "IRON MAN" Combat Suit
Topic: Military


The Movie Iron Man is a very entertaining piece of science fiction; but, science fiction often gives a glimpse of future science fact!  The American future battle suit,TALOS, has been covered previously by The Whitehurst Blog.  Now. the Russians have exposed their concept of protection for infantry on the future battlefield. It is expected to provide Russian soldiers with increased strength through the use of an exoskeleton.  Ballistic protection, anti-fatigue features, and a heads-up display are also expected to be included.



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Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 9:18 PM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 15 July 2017 9:50 PM CDT
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Wednesday, 12 July 2017
Whitehurst Blog Chicago Bears Poll
Topic: Sports

Hub Arkush of Pro Football Weekly said today on Chicago Sports Live that the 1985 Chicago Bears would have won two or three superbowls if Jay Cutler had been their QB.  DO YOU AGREE?
Who was the better Quarterback:  Jim McMahon or Jay Cutler?  When healthy, who would you rather have starting for your team?
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Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 7:43 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 12 July 2017 8:01 PM CDT
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Saturday, 1 July 2017
The Battle of Isandlwana
Topic: History

The British, with the imperialistic goal of increasing England's exploitable territory in Africa, set their sights on South Africa.  This brought the British Empire into direct confrontation with the Zulu Kingdom.  In 1879, the British invaded Zululand and this initiated the Anglo-Zulu War.  Eleven days into their invasion the British force had their first major battle with the Zulus, on January 22, 1879 at a place called Isandlwana (Isandhlwana).

The British Army had fought other armies in Africa.  They had usually employed guerrilla ambush and hit-and-run tactics.  The British expected the same from the Zulus.  However, the Zulus had been militarized under the great king Shaka.  Everything from training to weaponry had been reformed, all with the goal of dominating enemies in major battles. The British would learn the differences between the Zulus and other foes at Isandwana

A movie. "Zulu Dawn," gives a look at what transpired.  CLICK THE IMAGE BELOW TO WATCH THE FULL MOVIE:



The result of the battle was the greatest defeat of the British Empire by a native army EVER!!!  What followed was the failure of Britain's invasion of Zululand, and a retreat by British forces.  In future clashes the British Army learned to classify Zulu infantry as "Light Cavalry" due to their speed, stamina, and distances covered when "running" to battle -- STILL BEING READY TO FIGHT UPON ARRIVAL!


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Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 12:53 PM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 1 July 2017 2:27 PM CDT
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Saturday, 3 June 2017
WHO IS THE DEADLIER WARRIOR: African Zande vs. Aztec Jaquar
Topic: Visual Media
Many times I've found myself wondering how warriors from various time periods and/or geographical areas would perform against each other.  The tv show "Deadliest Warrior" attempted to answer these questions. 

After watching the video you have the chance to voice your opinion right here in a WHITEHURST BLOG OPINION POLL Below:
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Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 8:46 PM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 3 June 2017 8:48 PM CDT
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WONDER WOMAN POLL: Who Is The Sexiest Wonder Woman?
Topic: Visual Media

Who is the sexiestWonder Woman:
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Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 3:03 PM CDT
Updated: Saturday, 3 June 2017 3:04 PM CDT
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017
Marijuana Majority: Trump's Coming Crackdown On Weed!
Topic: Marijuana Legalization


A growing number of states are legalizing marijuana or allowing medical cannabis, but federal prohibition remains in effect. The only thing stopping Attorney General Jeff Sessions from launching a crackdown is a budget rider passed by bipartisan majorities in Congress that protects people following state medical cannabis laws from DEA harassment.

But now the Trump administration wants to eliminate that protection.

The proposed budget released yesterday by the White House omits any mention of the marijuana provision. This comes on the heels of President Trump issuing a statement this month claiming the right to ignore Congress's previously-enacted clear directive.

We need to step up the pressure, right now.

Please, write your representative and senators today and ask for renewal of the medical marijuana amendment in the spending bills that Congress will debate this summer.

The measure's impact was best summed up by a federal court last year: “Congress currently restricts the government from spending certain funds to prosecute certain individuals. But Congress could restore funding tomorrow…”

If this section of law goes away, there will be nothing but public opinion standing in the way of more attacks on medical marijuana patients and their providers.

But medical marijuana is way more popular than the president is, and we can do this -- with your help.

Plus, thanks to growing support for ending marijuana prohibition altogether, we also have an opportunity this year to broaden the budget protections to cover all state marijuana laws, not just medical cannabis ones.

Write to the people who represent you today and tell them to stand up for the right of states to set their own marijuana laws without federal interference. 

Tell Your Reps:

Protect State Marijuana Laws

Thanks for making your voice heard,

Aaron R. Houston
Board Member
Marijuana Majority

P.S. After you take action can you make a gift to support Marijuana Majority's ongoing work? We can't keep amplifying the support of the majority of voters like you who support legalization without the resources it takes to keep our action tools online. Please make a donation today.

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Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 1:12 PM CDT
Updated: Wednesday, 24 May 2017 1:20 PM CDT
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Sunday, 7 May 2017
Chicago Ghost Stories: The Green Ghost of 47th Street
Topic: Paranormal/Occult


Some tales are not repeated out of pure fear. One such story originated on Chicago's Southside. The old-timers in the area won't tell, and those that don't know prefer not to.

On Chicago's Southeast side, in the 1960's and 70's, there was a secluded bus stop on 47th St. Many in the area thought it was an evil place. A place where the world of the living pressed against that of the dead. For those who didn't believe or refused to heed the wa...rnings, the truth would be learned at great cost. These people had all used the bus stop, sitting on the bench at night, waiting for the next scheduled stop. In each case, while sitting on the bench, a man wearing green, with an odd complexion, silently appeared next to them. The man in green refused to speak, but always gave a cold stare. When the bus would finally arrive the person would turn only to see that the man in green had vanished. In each case those who met the Green Ghost of 47 St. died within a week. Many were dismembered.

Some say he's a demon. Some say he's The Devil himself. Only his victims know the answer...



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Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 11:16 PM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 7 May 2017 11:17 PM CDT
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Monday, 1 May 2017
Great Military Programming: POW or AWOL?
Topic: Visual Media

Russian SU-50

Let me begin by saying that I love all things to do with military history and hardware!  This love was developed early in life.  It was fed, in my adult years, through the military programming from the History and Discovery Channels; and to a lesser extent, G4.  I'm writing this because my frustration with today's military televised offerings has reached boiling point!  I've written numerous emails to these networks, but they keep running the same OLD STALE shows!  What exactly do I mean?  Well Let me explain:

In America we live in an educational bubble, partly driven by patriotism.  When it comes to patriotism in programming it can become propaganda!  The History Channel (now Military History Channel, since History Channel has become a reality show vehicle); and Discovery's Wings Channel, then Military Channel, (before becoming the theme-confused American Heroes Channel). have always run shows on military history.  The problem is:  IT'S THE SAME OLD STUFF NOW!  I understand that defeating Germany/Hitler was paramount to our current democracy existing...but hasn't anything else happened since then worth EDUCATING THE AMERICAN PUBLIC ON???  Keep in mind that every so often, news anchors bring up how lost American students and adults are in world history and basic geography.  We constantly hear about the United States' superpower rivalries with China and Russia.  But, how many Americans even know the history between those two countries since the Korean War?  How many can even find either country on a map!!!  History & Discovery, why haven't you ever run a show on the battles between the Soviets & Chinese in the late 20th Century?  Hmmmm, how many American's even know that after our Vietnam War (another subject that has been focused heavily on), there was ANOTHER VIETNAM WAR involving VIETNAM AND CHINA IN 1979???  If you want to expand beyond the post-WWII era -- why are the only wars worth visually documenting for Americans American wars???  There was a whole world before -- AND AFTER -- the formation of the American Colonies.  Might be nice to have a real documentary focusing on the Great Northern War, or the Japanese military activity in ancient Korea (Korea is always in the news -- Hint)!  Oh, I forgot, you love to focus on the Romans & Greeks too!  Somehow the episodes on Roman or Greek conquest always say that their efforts covered the "known world."  Now that's just White Supremacist cultural and historical propaganda!  Neither empire covered the whole earth; and the boundaries of said empires "Were Known!"  If you lose battles of expansion on your borders, or are intimidated (in Alexander the Great's case by Indian armies) into pulling back those borders, then it's obvious that you see the land/people yonder who just thwarted your ambitions!  All of that wealth in deepest Black Africa and the GREAT Romans and their expansion extended only to the northern parts of Africa.  yet they conquered the "Known World."  If you're going to "Teach" facts then at least be honest and factual without cultural or racial bias!

Secondly:  Military Hardware. Can you please update thses old tired shows!  There are still episodes running  talking about the future of the EFV; and that program was cancelled long ago!  Running shows on the P-51 Mustang; when our future warfighters watching those shows will be facing Mig-35's, Su-35's,Su-47/50's (PAK=FA), J-20's and J-31's.  The Russians have gone beyond the T-90, but OUR programs are THREE GENERATIONS BEHIND on enemy armor, still basking in the defeat of T-72's in Iraq.  Are you TV Execs afraid that showing modern enemy military hardware will hurt military recruitment?  

Thirdly, to the American Heroes Channel:  "American Heroes" would make one think that the subject matter  focuses on "American Heroes!" With that being the case, why is so much of the media there focused squarely on Hitler and the Nazis; and Jesus and the Bible?  None of that fits the definition gleaned from YOUR OWN NAME!  Are you trying to raise a generation of bible thumping Nazis???

If you want better military and military history programming from these networks -- CONTACT THEM LIKE I HAVETweet itShare itWrite emails!  Let them know that unless they give you something worth watching, you will switch channels -- or simply turn off the tv like I often doMILITARY ENTHUSIASTS, FUTURE MILITARY PERSONNEL AND VETERANS -- MAKE THEM HEAR YOUR VOICES!!!




HISTORY CHANNELTwitter  Facebook


 Great Programming of the past:









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Posted by Steven Whitehurst at 5:27 AM CDT
Updated: Monday, 1 May 2017 7:26 AM CDT
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