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planet jani
the planet's exclusive interview with MIKE GIBBINS

Planet Jani:Who were your earliest influences?
Mike Gibbins:Some of my early influences were The Ventures, Shadows, Buddy Holly, a lot of early Tamla Motown. Chuck Berry and my favorite drummer...Brian Bennett "Shadows".

PJ: At what age did you know that you wanted to make music your career?
MG: I was 13 when I decided that music was it for me. My older sister played music constantly on her dancet record player (45 rpm). That got me hooked!

PJ: Did you model your drumming techniques after any one individual or did you create a style of playing all your own?
MG: My early drumming influences were Sandy Nelson (Let there be drums). Buddy Rich and on and style just came about by trial and error. What you hear is all me.

PJ: What do you remember most about your experiences with Badfinger? Do the good times outweigh the bad looking back on it now?
MG: My fondest memory is the music we created together. We had major fun making it happen although many a hard time was shared by all on the way up. I would have to say that the good outweighed the bad about 90%, 10% bad.

PJ: Badfinger was dealt more than their share of misfortune.
How did you cope with the ups and downs? What kept you grounded during the hardest of time?
MG: My sense of humor kept me alive and kicking.

PJ: In relation to the VH1: Behind the Music special, it is stated that Stan Polley made off with the money and basically duped Warner Bros. Was there any legal action ever taken against him? If not, why?
MG: I think Warners got the money back from Mr. Polley. I cannot comment on any legal matters.

PJ: Joey (Molland) talks about stopping Tommy Evan's Badfinger from performing. How was he able to do so when Tommy's Badfinger was more legit having 3 former members of Badfinger, 2 of which were members prior to Joey Molland? How did he succeed in using the name over the original members?
MG: Joey had already been using the name Badfinger in the States prior to our arrival. We were not aware that he would stop us from also doing performances.

PJ: Badfinger still has many, many fans across the world. How do you feel about their continued support over the years?
MG: I am very flattered from the support that fans give. I guess the music will always speak for itself. People gravitate toward things that make them feel good and Badfinger music makes people feel good.

PJ: What was the funniest/wildest experience you had on the road?
MG: There were so many funny and wild times on the road with Badfinger and even later. I guess the best story is how I was left behind constantly and forgotten until they reached the next destination and realized that I wasn't with them on the bus. I got to fly to gigs that way. Or the time I had to pay to get in a show so I could play because the security didn't believe I was part of the band.

PJ: How has music changed for you over the years?
MG: I am now able to write my own material and be in total control.

PJ: What do you think of today's music?
MG: I like quite a bit of the new stuff that is out. I listen to various types of music being played around my house. My kids introduce me to a lot of new stuff. I like the sound of Godsmack, Kid Rock, and Bush. Also, I like to listen to Johnny Lang and of course you can't get away from Metallica in my house.

PJ: What artist do you think is highly overrated?
MG: That's a really tough question. I think all artists have something for someone.

PJ: What advice would you give to young musicians starting out in the music industry?
MG: Look after yourself and always be careful. It's a world of compromise, you will never get what you want when you want it. It's a game of give and take and hopefully you end up not being taken. Just remember the music and you will remain the same person you started out as...which is a good thing.

PJ: What is something most fans don't know about you?
MG: That I was the original drummer for Badfinger.

PJ: What can we expect from Mike Gibbins in the New Year?
MG: Another release from me with Ron Griffiths featured on more tracks and maybe a live gig or two...we'll see.

PJ: Any aspirations to do any shows/gigs out of the Florida area in the near future?
MG: I don't know if Florida will be the starting place. I won't have an answer until all the musicians I want can be available. It's not totally out of the question. Watch the web page for any future information.

PJ: Thank you so much for your time and cooperation! Good luck to you and the success of your new CD. Any last words or comments?
MG: I hope that everyone who listens to the new music will enjoy it as much as they have enjoyed the past music. I will keep writing and playing because it's still all about the music. If you have an ear than I have something for you to listen to. Thanks to all the fans for the continued interest. It has been really great over the years and still is.

A very special thanks to Ellie and Mike Gibbins for their cooperations and efforts that made this interview possible.

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