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MIKE GIBBINS: Featured Artist
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Mike Gibbins
is a respected veteran of the music scene who worked with the biggest legends in the history of rock. Guided and nurtured by the Beatles from an early age, Mike went on to perform all over the world, drumming in the most famous venues, and at historical gigs.
Living with The Iveys in hip London, Mike brushed shoulders with the likes of Ray Davies, John Lennon, Keith Moon and countless other luminaries of music's most famous era. The Iveys turned into Badfinger, and they were hugely respected in this scene. The Iveys were even handpicked by the Beatles themselves to be the first signed band to their own "Apple" label.

The history of Badfinger is a sorrowful tale which can not be summed up in words with any justice. Many have tried but failed to capture the highs and lows of this mercurial band. Mike feels that the only people who truly understood the gravity of what happened, were the ones who actually lived the experience. All of whom were changed forever.