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Christmas Tree Decorating

Personalize Yours!!

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I truly believe that your Christmas tree should reflect you and your heart. Every year, my Christmas tree changes, sometimes it is color coordinated with my home decor, my newest obsession or something whimsical off the top of my head. I have had a "merry" old time decorating these trees to give you an idea just what you can do with a tree. Make your Christmas tree your personal tree.



I usually use all clear lights on my Christmas trees to show up the beauty of the branches and the ornaments selected.

The Assorted Tree

Assortment of bows, garland, balls,

cookies, holly, snowmen, santas, and

an assortment of ornaments.



Beary Merry Christmas

An assortment of bows, teddybears, and

stars. You could also add an assortment of glass



Bird Lovers Tree

An assortment of tiny birdhouses and stuffed

birds. You could also add bare branches here

and there and tiny bird nests.


A Blue Christmas

In color only assortment of blue

silver decorations as balls, snowflakes,

stars, tiny stockings in blue.


Pink & Blue Wonder

A beautiful color combination with silver, blue

and pink decorations. I have added pink

silk roses and snowmen faces and carousel

horses in the same colors.

Add some lines of silver garland or beads,

it sparkles!



Victorian Angel

Green and peach set the theme of this victorian

tree,with tiny angel heads, gold garland,

green balls and victorian type fans.


The Cookie Tree

This one is edible! This is made with

baked sugar cookies, shortbreads and gingerbread

men, along with tiny snowmen ornaments, silk

holly picks, red balls and gold stars. Truly a childs


Hint~ make extra cookies and put them away...people

will eat them right off your tree!



Red & Gold

Truly rich looking this red and gold tree made with

red poinsettia picks, red stars with a splash of

gold in them, any red and gold ornaments found will do.



still decorating

come back soon!



Send me your picture of your Christmas tree
so I can put it on my "Personalize Your Tree" site.



Its Lovely to Decorate a tree...but wait until you tell everyone you made the decorations!!!

Now you are probably wondering where to get some of these in Canada we have stores called White Rose and Michaels which sells beautiful assortments of poinsettia picks (also many colors to coordinate), snowflakes, victorian heads, stars, and small toys. Any large craft or department stores carry a wide variety of items for these simple easy projects that you can even do with children.

Here are some ideas~

Coloured snowflakes~buy the plain white snowflakes you see in stores, bring home, apply some clear glue or spray glue and add some of your own colored sparkles to get the color and effect you want. Also you can use a spray paint with a glitter to get the effect if you would rather.

Victorian /Snowmen /Santa heads~many of these heads can be purchased already finished but some craft stores supply the white bisque pieces that can be painted to your appropriate colors. Embellish them with tiny silk flowers, pearls and beads.

Victorian fans~simple.....pickup some samples of wallpaper you like (stores usually will give you about an 18" sample), accordian fold and embellish with gold string , beads or pearls on the ends to hold it together. You can add a trim of lace to pretty it up.

Tiny birdhouses~these can be purchased unpainted at craft stores and you can paint them up the colors you like and embellish with greens, ivy, berries, tiny birds, tiny nests. When not using these on your Christmas tree in the summer, hang with small black link chain from decks and trees for a beautiful decorative look. (if using them outside, I would suggest a topcoat of varathane or some sort of sealant to protect from paint fading and wood rot.) These tiny birdhouses can also be simply made from balsam wood and glue and paint. If you would rather, they also can be picked up totally finished in craft stores, some department and grocery stores.

Glass Balls (or Plastic where there are children)~many large craft and department stores have these in the seasonal times. You can also add paint to these balls so they coordinate with your theme. Check out kids coloring books for tiny patterns and draw them on your Xmas ball and paint it up! Add ribbons to the tops for more embellishing.

Clear Plastic Ornaments~the craft stores again, carry a wide variety of clear plastic forms which open. They come in shapes of hearts, trees, balls. Open them up and add things inside.

heart forms~fill with pink or rose tissue paper, put a bisque angel face inside that has been painted up and close plastic form. Finish outside edges with ribbon, pretty rope, silk flowers for a real victorian look.

tree forms~open and fill bottom with cotton. Place small tiny fake trees (purchased from craft stores) inside, or tiny presents, small snowman ornament, a train, a reindeer, a tiny house. Put form back together and embellish with ribbon.

ball forms~paint them, fill them with tissue paper, spray inside with spray glue and sprinkle sparkles inside, place and glue tiny ornaments inside, xmas mice, santa's, presents, carol singers. You can also use stickers on these plastic balls, paper mache, use your imagination!






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