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Welcome to the Duelist Network!
Welcome to the Duelist Network. The Duelist Network is a group of YuGiOh! Trading card Game fans dueling online via YuGiOh Virtual Desktop. Online dueling has reached a totally new level! If you’re interested in joining the Duelist Network, register free and download the latest version of YuGiOh Virtual Desktop to duel online at Online! Get into the Network!

Please see the Tournament's section for information on the next Duelist Network Online Tournament

Update- 5.24.03 by Maverick

Hey Everyone! Making a short report from my vacation in a location unknown. Duelist Network membership has been temporarily suspended. We will be contacting all members who registered shortly. Tournaments are also suspended until after June 5th. C'ya later!

Update- 4.31.03 by Maverick

Hey Everyone! Maverick here reporting to everyone with some news. First of all, sadly, OnlineTCG has closed down. This means YVD no longer has a home...but that doesn't mean YVD is gone! Be sure to download your copy from! OnlineTCG still has a page that will re-direct you to XeroCreative in case you still have the old URL.

Legacy of Darkness is the upcoming set in the YuGiOh! TCG series. Whether or not YVD 7.2 is released, there will be a release of LOD and future sets for YVD made available here at Duelist Network, as well as YVD itself in the event XeroCreative completely removes YVD (hopefully that doesn't happen :)). In either case, images for TP3 are also available here at Duelist Network! The images will be available for download, with directions for installing the images, in a few weeks.

On a last note, the tournament for this week has been confirmed to take place at 11:00AM Pacific Standard Time. Please check to find the equivalent time in your area. All members must submit their decks via e-mail in order to participate. Remember, only members at Duelist Network are eligible to duel. There will be a 3-log requirement for eligibility in each tournament starting next week. See the tournament pages for info detailing log and deck submissions.

Update- 4.20.03 by Maverick

Sorry everyone for the delay in the tournament. As many of you know, this past weekend has been a holiday weekend, meaning I didn't have the time to run a tournament this week. However, there will be a tournament next week. The time and date will be posted in the tournament area. Please check back for more news.

Also, few decks have been submitted. Remember, in order to participate, your deck must be submitted prior to the tournament. You must also be a REGISTERED MEMBER. Your member name must appear on the members section of the site in order for you to participate in any tournament. If you have already registered and have received an e-mail, please follow the instructions in the e-mail. Once you receive an e-mail titled "Membership Confirmed", you may join any tournament.

Update- 4.16.03 by Maverick

Hey everyone! Just finished sending out e-mails to 33 newly registered members. All that needs to be done is to get them to CONFIRM their accounts using the information sent through the E-MAILS. I'm sorry if you're just now receiving an e-mail regarding Registration Confirmation. Work ont eh site has been slow as of lately.

In other news, the tournaments are the most important events here at Duelist Network. I would highly appreciate the attendance of any and all members at the tournament this week. The time still isn't set, and in fact, might not be held until the following week due to delays in the log submissions of the first tournament. If those logs aren't submitted by the end of this week, the participants of the 1st official Duelist Network online tournament will not receive any credit.

Also, there will be a Card Rulings Assessment to test how much members know about the rules of dueling. The test will be optional, meaning if you don't want to take it, you don't need to. However, if you take the test and pass it, you will receive 60 points, that's 2 full duels worth of credit, as well as a special mention for passing the test in your member profile. The test is due for release in 2 weeks. Good luck!

Lastly, tournaments, again. Be sure to pick up the latest version of YVD soon. You will need the latest version for the tournament. This is because your deck files and logs have to be compatible with the latest version. There will be a special downloads section in the site next month where you will be able to download decks, playing fields, skins, and Virtual Card Sleeves! The tournaments will be especially more competitive because members who win the tournaments will now receive prizes! Prizes will be announced during the tournament. I hope to see many of you there! Register to become a member of Duelist Network: Online Dueling!

Update- 4.11.03 by Maverick

Attention, tournaments will be postponed this week until Saturday of next week. More arrangements must be made. All members will be receiving e-mails about the tournament and their membership. Please be sure to follow any instructions given in the e-mail or your membership will be terminated.

Update- 4.8.03 by Maverick

Update on the 1st Official Tournament last Friday. The tournament had very little turn out. In fact, the lack of members at the tournament resulted in a very uneventful match. The members that did attend will be receiving their points as soon as their log is submitted. There will be another tournament this week on Friday at 4:00PM Pacific Standard Time. Please submit your decks and register for the tournament this week. All dueling requirements will be waived until further noticed. Also, due to the tournament lacking participants, the ranks of all members will not be updated until after this week's tournament. Please help make Duelist Network a better community for all Online Duelists! We need you to attend and show off your skills as a Duelist!

Update- 4.04.03 by Maverick

Today is the day of the tournament! All members that wish to participate must register their decks according to the instructions in the Tournament Section! Members may submit their decks at any time before the tournament. However, members who register for the tournament late may not be guaranteed a partner to duel with. Please be prompt. The tournament will begin at 4:00PM Pacific Time, 5:00PM Central, and 7:00PM Eastern. Please meet in the chat room using your Member Name at the start of the tournament. Further tournament instructions will be given out at the start of the tournament.

All members not attending the tournament will not receive any points until they have dueled. Remember, entering any tournament at Duelist Network will help your rank by giving you 25 points. Also, in addition to the normal 30 points awarded to the winner in a regular match, a bonus 30 points will be awarded to the winner in a tournament. That's a total of 60 points per victory. Winning the tournament means earning yourself 500 points! With each rank you go up, you also earn 100 bonus points! That means any Class C duelist will instantly go to Class A Elite rank! Good luck in this tournament, I look forward to seeing many members attend. I've put alot of effort into all of this. I hope it was well worth it.

Update- 3.30.03 by Maverick

Update from yours truly (who else would it be?) The tournament page has been opened. Please be sure to go there to read IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS FOR PARTICIPATING IN AN ONLINE TOURNAMENT! That's all for now.

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