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Welcome to the official rooms to go hate page


WE are NOT affiliated with rooms to go furniture stores but this page is about how they wronged me and many more and made our PLEASANT furniture experience a living HELL.

This way to their rooms to go pages.

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 Welcome to my little information shop       

    Where anyone who is wronged by a company is welcome to share their complaints and experiences with everyone who is willing to learn.  

rooms to go

Handy stuff

Rooms To Go Corporate offices number in Tampa.

This number is 813-623-5400

Thanks S.C. ! we all have been waiting for this

I cannot believe the how much rooms to go hates this site!

TV and radio stations have tried to get me to come on thier shows to give interviews about the site but I just keep the page up.The proof is in the guestbook pages rooms to go keeps writing trying to make me mad but I just find it funny.

Yeh rooms to go has cheap bad furniture, not high grade quality funiture. But that is not what they advertise. they will tell you their furniture is fine quality at low prices. I disagree, I think it is cheap furniture at to high of a price. They also advertise great home furniture online, I can only imagine wht that furniture looks like. They also speak of wonderful customer service and once again I know better.


Thanks to all who write good and bad comments, all are welcome



I have not or will never ask for anything from this snide,

"to good for the people I just made a sell to" company,

I just want others to know what "Might Happen" to them.

Are you rooms to go's next Victim?


Thanks to all the numerous people who have E-mailed me with their Rooms To Go horror stories. I no longer add information to this site but keep it going. If you have had something happen to you, and you would like to tell others, please add your stories to the guestbook.



Share you rooms to go troubles with the entire world. Maybe we can bring some great customer service back!


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