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Why is it I believe the movie "ALIEN" would have never been if not for this 1958 movie? Only 69 minutes long with another hoaky looking monster, this film scared a lot of kids maybe some adults too, I don't know. A second spaceship to Mars (always Mars) is returning to earth with the only survivor of the first crew to land on the RED PLANET. Everyone thinks he killed the rest of his shipmates. Man do they get a surprise! Yep, you guessed it. Unknown to them a scaly, sharp toothed creature has slipped aboard unseen by the whole crew. ( Hey, I know, I know. How could a seven foot tall, low I.Q'd, three fingered, martian nemisis sneak aboard? Probably while the "swift" crew were puffing their cigarettes inside a rocket ship!) Yes, they finally begin to believe the survivor when crew members start disappearing. Gadzooks! How could this happen?

Hey, old Bobaloons pokes fun because some of these old flicks do seem comical now. But for the record, I love em. Wouldn't change em for the world. Man my biggest gripe about the fifties is that, THEY DIDN"T LAST LONG ENOUGH!


Marshall Thompson and Kim Spalding star in the film. It's available on video so check it out. Oh yeah, the monster was played by Ray "CRASH" Corrigan. Crash was a stuntman, actor from the Republic Serial days and starred in tons of old westerns. He was born in 1902. Holy Moly! He was 56 when he played "IT". all