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Probably the scariest movie I can remember watching as a kid. I stayed away from sandy areas and we have a lot of sand in Florida, for a long time after seeing all those poor people get sucked down into the hands of seven foot tall Martian goons. I know, I know, the movie is corny as Iowa now, but back then look out.


Young David MacLean (Jimmy Hunt) is awakened by thunder from an electrical storm and sees a flying saucer landing in a sand hill close to his house. Of course his parents don't believe him and when his dad (Leif Erickson)goes to check out David's story, he is the fisrt to be sucked under and placed under Martian control. Quite painfully I might add. A giant drill press looking gadget bores a hole in the back of his neck, inserting a control gizmo. Shades of X-Files.

Pretty soon old Leif has most of the town, bloody necks and all, wandering around following the Martian leader's( a big green head with long finger looking things inside a glass jar) every command. It's up to David and Dr. Patricia Blake (Helena Carter) to save the world. The ending is a liitle screwy. The music, as I remember, is what scared me the most. It was loud and mostly voices. Check it out just for fun. Tobe Hooper directed a remake in 1986 staring, Karen Black, Timothy Bottoms and Louise Fletcher.


Which other Martian, movie from 1953 went on to win an Oscar for visual effects? Think about it. Give up? Click here for answer.


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