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Ethnic Raggedys

We are pleased to present our doll line created an produced by doll veteran Judy Ann. Over the next few months, Judy plans to add new dolls from diverse backgrounds to our Raggedy family. Each doll will come dressed in her/his native costume.

Ethnic Raggedys in Production
Each 25 inch tall doll is hand crafted with an embroidered face and a heart that says "I love you" in their native language.

Dolls are machine washable, hypoallergenic and can be made child safe at the customer's discretion. 

Questions? Email us at:

Our Dolls are also available for secure purchase on Etsy!

The characters Raggedy Ann and Andy are copyrighted by Johnny D. Gruelle and are currently licensed to Simon and Schuster and to Hasbro-Playskool. Our Raggedy Dolls are not affiliated with or sponsored by the Gruelles, Simon and Schuster or Hasbro-Playskool.