This  section  has   all  of  the  stuff  that doesn't belong under  any   other   category, such  as a "shout out to my homies,"   Viewins,  How  to spike  hair,  and html  advice!!!

green.gif (722 bytes) A SHOUT OUT TO MY HOMIES!!!!
green.gif (722 bytes)How  to Spike Hair detailed on several techniques I use on spiking my hair.

green.gif (722 bytes)WHY ST. LOUIS IS A BORING PLACE this is the suburb I live near, too!
green.gif (722 bytes)COMPLAINTS BY ME a weak version of editorials   
green.gif (722 bytes)INVENTIONS!!!!!!!!!!! Inventions I feel should be made to help the world out.
green.gif (722 bytes)QUOTES quotes musicians, authors, comedians, songs, or my friends have said that I feel are relevant.
green.gif (722 bytes)PUNK OCCUPATIONS I don't know what this is all about..
green.gif (722 bytes)  Jim Morrison Tribute
green.gif (722 bytes)YES SIR, I WILL The best words ever written, a Crass song.
green.gif (722 bytes)OLD STUFF (Stuff I used to have up but, I do not agree with anymore)
green.gif (722 bytes)SURPRISE Again, I don't know what this is all about....
green.gif (722 bytes)"Viewin's"- This section is all of the stuff I want to put on the bottom of my page but it would be cluttered.
green.gif (722 bytes) ROOTS RADICALS!!!

*While I was updating one night,I thought of some good advice for people that are making their page and typing html code late at night, and for people helping out at their house.